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God’s Manifested Authority

Memorial Day- the day we honor fallen soldiers. The day we recognize the heroes that gave there life so we can have freedom.
Scripture says to give honor where honor is due. So we do that today. We also thank God for their sacrifice.
Pentecost Sunday - the day we were empowered to never fall under bondage again. The day we recognize the Holy Spirit who has set us free.
It is the 50th day after passover- It is the harvest festival, also called the feast of weeks. It involves extensive sacrifice- check it out in Leviticus 23
It is amazing to me that these two events happen on the same weekend.
What a set of contrasts.
One of sorrow and one of intense joy and power.
One of loss and one of gain
One of stillness and one of life ( life over death)
Interesting both have to do with Death
In one soldiers died in the other the Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:6–8 ESV
6 For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— 8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Today is marked by death but is that the end of the story?
To the disciples of Jesus and maybe some soldiers on the battlefield. - all that has happened is either the end or just the beginning. Democracy or Eternity
Limited Freedom or Eternal freedom
The disciples were in a tough spot.
They had there leader murdered. He was supposed to win. He was supposed to wipe out the foreign invaders. Instead He paid the ultimate price. His life.
But from here on out the story changes.
One is raised to life. ( Jesus)Jesus raised from the grave. The only one with power over death. Not only raised from the dead, but ascended to heaven, taking his seat on the throne.
This memorial day we recognize both made the sacrifice
One to Life - the other to death.
Where does that leave us?
It leaves us with responsibility.
To live in the freedom we now have
Galatians 5:1 ESV
1 For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.
Are you living a life of freedom today.
Freedom for bondage or tyranny. Freedom from shame and guilt. Freedom from slavery.
Now here is where Pentecost comes in. Cannot live a righteous life a joyous life, a purpose filled life without the power to do so.
Luke 24:49 ESV
49 And behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”
The Lord is saying, I got you covered. He tells the disciples stay in the city. ( in other words don't run off without what you need to make it. He makes them wait until Pentecost- WHY?
Because God is going to put on a show and the world will be watching. People from all over are going to hear the good news of the Gospel. This amazing day will be the beginning of a movement that will not end until Jesus comes again.
Acts 1:8 ESV
8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
Life, purpose, power without end - until the end of days.
Coolest thing is it is a gift -
The Holy Spirit will come and change everything
Acts 2:1–4 ESV
1 When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 3 And divided tongues as of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.
He is the driving force of your life
Philippians 2:13 ESV
13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.
Wigglesworth on the Anointing The Holy Spirit Brings a Rich Revelation of Christ

When the Holy Spirit comes, He always brings a rich revelation of Christ. Christ becomes so real to you that when, under the power of the Spirit, you begin to express your love and praise to Him, you find yourself speaking in another tongue.

Now You will find yourself prophesying, you will find yourself praying, you will find compassion for the lost, you will find humility, you will find yourself doing instead of sitting.
You will have new vision, new life, new purpose. new family
People of the Spirit act under different Influences take different views are moved by different Motives led by a different Spirit. AMEN
At the moment you confess faith in Christ, as in the case of the first Gentile convert, Cornelius (Acts 10:44-46; 11:15, 16); but often it occurs some time after the salvation experience (Acts 8:12-1). Or after with an overflowing experience. Some call it the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or being filled with the Spirit
When the Holy Spirit is present things will happen.
1 Corinthians 12:7 (NASB95)
7 But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.
Tongues, boldness, prophetic words, ability to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, bring truth and counter lies. You will think globally knowing you have brothers and sisters all over the world.
Not for your glory but for humanity.You will be a blessing poured out.
LISTEN - When the Spirit is moving everyone is blessed.
God lights up everything.
It is a move from death to life, darkness into light. - What a Contrast
From Darkness comes the light of day.
2 Corinthians 4:6 NASB95
6 For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
When you move from death to life everything changes
People will look at you oddly- You will stand out.
You will have distress over the condition of the church and the world. You want change
You will be grieved over the state of the ministry - you will want more
You will have frequent conflicts with the devil
You will have great internal conflict- moving away from sin
You will have peace with God
You will have peace of conscience
You will be useful to the kingdom
You won’t be worried when people speak against you
You will be calm under affliction
You will feel prepared to Die and live with Christ- You will have eternity in your hearts
Maybe I am speaking to the choir. I give you this verse
1 Timothy 4:14 NASB95
14 Do not neglect the spiritual gift within you, which was bestowed on you through prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the presbytery.
Maybe this is new to you. This was new to everyone in that day. What was this . It is called anointing.
Dont leeave here today powerless or purposeless.
Leave today alive.
Though some may feel dead God wants to make you alive.
Remember the battle has already been won
I say this Be prayed over .
The power of Acts Ch 1:8 and the manifestation of 2:4 is this it is an outward manifestation of an innerpresence.
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