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Greater Faith, 3-29-09
Canaan Baptist, 5~/2~/10
Scripture: John 14:9
Title:  ‘U don’t know me,’ ‘Now I know’  “Stage 5”
Song: I will trust in the Lord x3, until I die
! Cultural text:
Describe Going to court and seeing someone that raped your child
Sometimes you are surprise to know that you don’t know, someone you thought you knew
* *Gone ape*:  Stamford lady with domestic partner, CHIMP
* couple finds out that the one babysitting their 2yr old was raping the child.
This wasn’t no stranger – he was the *Godfather*.
* Secrets:
* Down low  (not only enjoys seeing u in a teddy, he wears one too)
* Folk u thought u know u don’t know
* Molester: find out your neighbor is the biggest molester in the state.
* Folk u think you know, u don’t know
* Domestic  violence
* Character:  ex- attorney general~/NY gov.
* Priest and preachers, you looked to, you find out they are shade characters.
In the chruch:  folks call you all kinda names and accuse you of all kind of evil.
But they don’t know you
There are times in life when you realize you have known someone for along time but you really didn’t know them.
There are times in your life when you realize that the folks that’s been talking about you, don’t know really you.
Turn to the Saint next to you and say:   *U THINK U KNOW ME but *YOU DON’T KNOW ME –
The rapper T.I says it like this,
You mighta seen me in the streets \\ But nigga (bro) you don't know me \\ When you holla when you speak \\ Remember you don't know me \\ Save all the hatin' and the poppin' \\ Nigga you don't know me \\ Quit tellin' folks you my partna \\ Nigga you don't know me \\ that was the sanitized version.
Part of the problem with folk not knowing you is you:
* Your self-deception (looking good- fashion fair)
* Not honest with who you are
* Keeping secrets about yourself
* Fear folk wont like you if they really knew you.
* You let people think you have a whole lot of money, when you are broke as hell.
* Double life
* By day:  public you
* By nite: private you
Now, in our text we find *Jesus* having a *heart to heart* with his disciples.
They are finding out stuff about him that they didn’t know.
And he is finding out stuff about them that he thought he knew.
*Background*: preparing for his departure
Jesus tried to prepare them for his departure and they didn’t like the tone of the conversation.
(jn 13:33 little children, I’m with you for just a little while longer  and where I am going you cannot go.)
They had lots Questions.
Peter: where you going, and why cant I go with you.
JC: when hard times come you gonna deny me in a minute.
Jesus: you know where I’m Going and you know the way.
Thomas: joined the chorus, how can we know the way if We don’t know where you going.
(you cant leave now, the party is just starting to jump off)
Jesus:  *I am the way*, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me,  *if you knew me*, then you will know the Father.
Philip: “show us the Father?” “and we will be satisfied” (maybe he wanted to experience what peter, James, and john experienced at the transfiguration of Jesus, with Moses and Elijah)
·         Some folk can be in church all their lives and still not know Jesus…
·         Too many still relying of the pastor and the church to have a relationship w~/xp
·         Illus.
Me intro.
A friend to someone I know, “fine” you would keep coming back to me after the intro.
Talk to the person…
Jesus: (annoyed) “Have I been with you all this time, and you still don’t know me.”
*Some folks need God to get extravagant with them for them to believe… but if you want to see the extravagance of God, look back over your life.*
God is bigger than anything I can show you
This conversation had gotten personal.
*Jesus realized* that these men *really did not get* him.
Their relationship had not deepened to the place of intimacy, that he had hope.
Cant you hear Jesus saying, “Are you the same folk that witnessed me:?”
* Free */legion/* from his demons
* */Walk/* on water
* Turn */water into wine/*
* Speak peace to a */raging storm/*
* How long will I be with u and u still…
* Raise */Lazarus/* from the dead
* Heal all kinda */sickness/*
* How long will I be with you and u still don’t
* How many times do I need to:
* Deliver you before you believe
* Heal your body, before you believe
* Rescue you from your enemies
* Open doors, when others shut doors…
* Make a way, when your back is against the wall
You don’t know me.
I like what one song writes wrote:
We've all got our \\ Own funny moods \\ I've got mine, \\ Woman you've got yours too \\ Just trust in me like I trust in you \\ As long as we've been together \\ It should be so easy to do \\ Just get yourself together \\ Or we might as well say goodbye \\ What good is a love affair \\ When you can't see eye to eye \\ \\ If you don't know me by now \\ You will never \\ Never never know me
My version is:
U-come to church every Sunday,
But you don’t know me
U-sing in the choir every week
But you don’t know me.
You get your praise on
But you don’t me
You dance and shout
But you don’t know me
You hear the Word,
But you don’t know me
You the same today as you was five years ago
You don’t know me
The statement Jesus makes, “you don’t know me” says something about his disciples relationship with him.
Can I just talk about Relationships for a minute?
Stages of Relationship
#. pre-relationship : know of , but not personally
< .5
.5 - .6
.6 - .7
.7 - .8
.8 - .9
> .9