The Benefit and Blessing of the Lord's Supper

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        The Benefit and Blessing of the Lord's

Supper Matt. 26,1 Corinthians 11 The ordinances that

officially instituted Lord's supper, communion,

enchant, sacraments, (Diff than catholic)

2 new communion Lord's Table, Bars,

Means of grave. spiritual Blessings


Sacramento derived from Sacramento

Past centuries. Past centavos some died

in Europe, Bloody Mary. Not treat these

ordinances lightly. Need GOD'S HELP.

Lords supper, Baptism., Matt. 26

1. why Do we celebrate?

2. what happens during communion?

3. who should take communism?

4. How should we take communion?

1. What Matt 26.26 parallel Lk. 28 (

continual tense. Important aspect. Jesus

not drink until that day to come. There is a

kingdom still to come. Eating and hunting

in glorified bodies Rev. 19. Last supper

as not really the last supper. hook found

b that Wedding sipper of the lamb, • 17, 19

on remembrance of the Passover. Jesus takes

6. elements from Moses -> Jesus.

Redemption accomplished. Jesus is the

Passover Lamb. Pass over you, if you are

saved. Fulfills all that imagery. New covenant.

next month.. messiah in the background

why. Christ and His command. Do it regret?

        2. 11W hat happens during communion.

see stable. T transubstantiation RC. 1215.

Body to Blood real in communion. 1551 Council of Trent.

Transubstantiation (sacramental union). Luther-

own quote more accurate. Zwingly-memorial view.

more Baptists any implication. Real presence

not Physical Body. "means of grace". Reformers

Deny too far the other way. presence. Not less

than-want to be totally Biblical. Original

content. Jesus-talks to human disciples

Lev 17:10. Peter never shy. Acts 10. Jesus

asking in a dream. Not how. Parables and

metaphors. Jesus-I AM THE DOOR., GATE

not becoming physically, e.g. head of life.

on the opposite. How Jesus SPOKE. is the

key. The v. 29 fruit of the vine. Matt 13. The

spatial analogy. Matt 19:20-23, then =

this represents This is = the law and prophets.

a powerful way to summarize. a spirited

reality of the golden rule. This is = in the

relation to the covenant. Rainbow. as the

covenant-is a reminder. never again to

flood the earth. Gen 17: this is my covenant

the sign. circumcision. On the very occasion

OT scriptures Exo. 12:11This is how you

u A eat-Pass a. thesis a day how you

are to commemorate. Jews saw this as a memorial

covenant. Exo This is the new covenant Parallel

language. New covenant. In Jesus blood.

Thursday might. only one sacrafice in the world

Jesus died on Good Friday. IT Is FINISHED.

1 con 11. 23. Do this in remembrance of me.,

v as. a repeated phrase-No Jew would think

cup represents. Baptism =t circumcision

The ordinance is communion v. 26. Happens.

Remember, Proclaim, commune. a sharing.

1 Koinonia Breaking of head. The table of the

had a showy or communion. one body-

THE SPIRITUAL BODY. a loaf many parts.

oneness and unity. shared communion with

the Lord. communion a mental remember

of the Lord. Paul-Patchy.. empathy.

Taking something in. John Calvin: Nourish

and refresh. Lord is not absent. Really

spirituals presence. Vivifying operation.

s- who should take communion? Some

churches R.C. seven yrs. Matt 28. Loan

and observe. acts Matt 28. Repent and be

baptized acts 24.1 communion. Corinthian.

1 Corinth 10: I. Baptized into Moses. a spiritual

role. • 16. 1 Cor 12:13, all made to drink

Baptism. lactating one time act. communion

repeated, continually early. Rom 6: 4.

Life of obeying, v-14 under grace, Not

To EARN. a gift, not earned Gal. 3.

Not the source but the sign. Repentance

obtain-Justin Marty. Didache too SA.

Church Discipline, Disagreement some Baptists

who. whitey in the body. some unnecessary,

cut Daniel. extra-spirited. southland. communion

        token. Jonathan Edwards-Infant

baptized. Disagreed. a credible. Got fired

from his chunk. curt Daniel. Past age of account-

ability very Different. Westminster View. Lot of wired

chip 1 Cor 11:28. Examine himself. Eat and

drink. v 31

4. How should we take communion? Not to

take it in an unworthy Manner 11: v. 2 8, 29. I Cor.

11.-28-33. How A vein. Read through. and

indicate. The crunchers. Prosceniums and

faction. why people. Rush children, Not to

heart lightly. kids introspectively. Not

superficially. when are kids. Truly regenerated.

God knows where we can't. Demonstrate some

fruit. obey and glorify. Publicity-Not because

mom and Dad. They love. Mature and memorable.

1-29. Judgment For believers. Eternal slate.

but can be a chastening. In sin in the body,

make it tight. unrepentant. Jesus warned

against that. Make it right. Matt: 22-24.

Pastor can't police what is in our heart. God

commands us to examine our heart Great God

apply this message. The blessing of communion

Forgiveness of sins.

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