Building Materials for Eternity

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Building Materials for Eternity:

A story is told of a wealthy man who labored with many tasks here on earth and produced beautiful palaces in which he lived sumptuously, though selfishly, all his life. This man accepted Christ on his deathbed. He had a gardener whose life did not “consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15). The gardener had come to know God, he had been personally set free, and his treasure was in heaven.

Both died and went into eternity. The gardener was given a beautiful mansion in heaven. It had a marvelous view of the Sea of Glass, in full view of the Throne. The rich man was offered a hut – clean and white, but just a hut! Seeing his face fall, the apostle Peter explained, “I’m sorry, sir, but we did the best with the materials you sent up!”

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