Lord Save The Children

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Baal and Molech worship is back in force but we can stand against it with the strength and nourishment of the Word and Eucharist The King of kings and Lord of lords and the Queen of Heaven BVM interceding for us with the angels and saints. We take scourge from HS indwelling us to repent and ...and like Peter put our little faith in the hands of Jesus calling upon him to save the children, purify the church and save me.

If you recall last week’s gospel on the Transfiguration, Elijah, and Moses, appeared conversing with Jesus on Mount Tabor, and God told Peter, James, and John virtually to all the apostles and their successors and all to Listen to his beloved Son Jesus in whom he is well pleased.
In our first reading today eight hundred years earlier, Elijah is, running for his life from the hands of the the wicked king and queen of Israel, Ahab and Jezebel who had killed many of God’s prophets and were pushing the people of Isreal to worship Baal, and Elijah had dared to speak and prophecy against it. Baal was a popular deity of rain and fertility, worshiped by many pagan nations surrounding Israel. Sexual immorality and the sacrifice of unwanted children were part of Baal and Molech temple worship. In a showdown between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Elijah won by being able to call down fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice on the Altar, and rain ending a a three-year drought proving that Yahweh is God over all creation, not Baal. After the victory, Elijah thinking he was the last of one surviving prophets of God, was running up towards Mount Horeb, (Sinai) where God had given the Law to Moses and on the way, Elijah got exhausted, and wished he was dead and fell asleep. But an angel of the Lord woke him up and fed him with bread and water twice, strengthening him and sending him off for his long 40 days and 40-night Journey up the mountain (a Eucharistic encounter) leading Elijah to our 1st reading when Elijah hears the Word of God in a still small voice telling Elijah he was not alone in the spiritual battle, that there are seven thousand prophets of God remaining.
Jesus tells in the Gospel that John the Baptist, was the last of the OT prophets who come in Spirit of Elijah, and like Elijah dared to speak against king Herod’s sexual immorality, and was beheaded for it. Bringing us to our Gospel today when Jesus after hears of the Baptist’s execution he departed to a deserted place with his disciples to grieve and pray and when he saw the crowed weary and tired his heart moved with compassion and fed the five thousand, another Eucharistic encounter, with the bread of life from heaven, then walking on water, showing the Apostels and all that Jesus Christ is King and God over all creation.
God removed worship of Baal and Molech from Israel, but it’s back in full force in these last days with all forms of sexual immorality and harming of children, destroying families, threatening livelihoods, with persecution if not obeyed and accepted as normal against Christian faith and morals. Many feel confused, afraid and alone. But we are not alone because we can still hear the small voice saying Listen to my Beloved Son the Word Incarnate, The King of kings and Lord of lords, who Nourishes and Strengthens us with his Body and Blood Soul and divinity, Emanuel God the risen Lord is with us who will never leave nor forsake his Church, with the Queen of Heaven the Blessed Virgin Mary mother of God, all the angels and saints interceding for us. No we are no alone, and we have each other in our church community for strengths and support. Rest assure God will remove it again once and for ever. So let’s take courage from the Holy Spirit indwelling us repent and believe in the whole Gospel, keep the apostolic faith of our Fathers, speak the truth in love and follow Peter out into the storms of our lives putting our little faith in the hands of Jesus, who says It is I do not be afraid Come, Come trusting and calling upon Jesus, Lord save the Children, Lord cleanse your Church, Lord save our country, Lord save me. AMEN+
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