A Sermon on "Nothing"

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One day he rode his horse into Ancaster, Ontario, announcing he would preach. A crowd gathered, and Marks asked if anyone had a topic to suggest.

A man mockingly said, "Nothing!"  Marks began preaching on "nothing." God created the world from nothing, he said.

He gave us laws in which there is nothing unjust. There is nothing in us to justify us.

There will be nothing to comfort sinners in death.

But while Christians have nothing of which to boast, we have Christ.

And in Him, we have nothing to cause us grief, nothing to disturb our peace, and nothing to fear in eternity.

Finishing his sermon, Marks mounted his horse and left.

Sometimes when we're low in spirits, we feel we're nothing that really matters, that our lives amount to nothing at all. But when we feel our weakest, the Lord works the strongest.

Even a sermon on nothing can save souls -- for nothing is impossible with God.

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