Flavored or Filled

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It all comes down to this question: Are you “Jesus flavored” or “Jesus filled?” This is a bottle of Grape juice. If you’re in the convenience store, you may think you’re being healthy by passing up the Coke to grab the grape juice, but think again! Now it says grape jusice. You see, it says it right here on the label, at least that’s what it seems to say. But notice the ingredients: Filtered Water, High Fructose Corn syrup, Grape Juice concentrate. Notice that what we thought would be the first, indeed, the only ingredient is really about 3rd on the list. Now what you all probably know is that the FDA requires companies to list their ingredients in the order of their importance in the product, so not only is this bottle not 100% grape juice, grape juice isn’t even its number one ingredient. It’s way down on the list. O, and by the way, if you drink a bottle of this stuff, you consume 290 calories! And you thought you were trying to be healthy!

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