Death's Gift to Life

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Death confronts us with reality in a profound way that should challenge how we live. Message starts at 7:26

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I like it.

I will make is not well today. So Sunday school is going to have Sunday school, but Lisa is taking the kids out to do some coloring and singing and things. So the other ones that do want to leave least, we'll be just outside.

Okay. I just heard this morning from Gordon. Genesis had a full last week and has broken her knee in a few places French attorney in a few places. She's not well, and has been in a lot of pain. So we need to be praying to Janice at the moment. So it would that sit. Let me pray apostol prayer and then we'll get into the scriptures.

I got a father. We are, we thank you that we're able to bring out requests before you because you were gone, who cares? And did you say, cast your cares. Upon me because I care for you. And so that's what we do as we come before you went into session. We want to pray for the body. We want to pray for a church and we asked for a while. Health and vitality, particularly spiritually. We have prayer is that we might individually, but also it collectively as a body grow in their faith, in our wisdom and ability to handle, trials and difficulties. Well, a prayer is that we would also represent you with even more vigour. And authenticity than we currently do how we pray that you would use us as a body of Believers to acquit pennings courage. One another. But then also to, to reach those that don't know. Jesus, yet, we might be family members or neighbors, or friends, or colleagues. And so, even this week, we pray that we would have courage 22, but see, and take opportunities that might arise to be able to say a word and season to those that I know you. And that particular, we pray that I'll actions and attitudes would reflect you. Well, also, how we pray for our small groups that they would be really effective means of mutual, support and care places, where, where Christ is very practically revealed in awesome through and received that we pray for a children's ministry and pray that you know, Sunday School in a wine is that Authority Ministries, where your blessing comes to the children, who hear your word and receive it pray for our teachers as well. If you would encourage them and help them as they seek to be fruitful for you. We pray for Missions. And when we do, thank you for those two pastors. And the church is that they pasta in karenni state, we commend them to you. We thank you for the for the great impact of it having on their respective Villages. Great to hear that been almost, the whole village comes to the church. And and a prayer is that they would have the joy of seeing those. Most of those people in this Village has come to faith in Christ to help them as pasta to be faithful to Proclaim your would accurately. help them to where we pray to reflect you as a church Community to those that are around them and would you provide for their needs and may they know you as a god of protection and blessing of God of comfort and God of hug Are we pray for the Bible school? And The Boarding House? It goes with it. In the A displaced persons camp in Thailand. We pray your blessing on those Ministries and pray that likewise that would be a blessing to the community that they're in that. You'd use them to build up your church and then threw them the grace of God to be evident. As we pray for our missionaries, we also want to pray for the persecuted church around the world. We know in many places and increasingly even in the west. Your people being persecuted simply for being your people and so we, we pray the river. The persecuted Church might meet today places in China and India across the Muslim World, North Korea. We we pray that today would be courageous and then again they would reflect you well to all those who would care to betray your blessing on them. We pray for the church in our country. We pray for other churches in the city and then today, we have prayer. Is it going to be faithful to your word that you'd be raising up after you clean a Godly men to Proclaim your word and pass to your churches throughout this country. We pray for our return to to biblical values and and the biblical preaching. And we pray that we would seem normal people come to face. We will pray for our prime minister of going to pray for a premium and pray for this salvation and we pray that they would listen to go to the council that there be those around them who be able to give them Godly counsel and we pray that they might be receptive to that. We want to pray for Christians in Parliament, that they would not be compromised but that that would stand strong and be true to their face and convictions. Today, we pray for Christians across the board in enzyme, in secular professions that they will be faithful to bring their Christian faith to be on their occupation in an environment in which there in may, use them as Salt and Light. Father, we, we want to pray against many of the great social evils that I've beset a society, be that abortion, or, or drug abuse, try to Mystic violence, and abuse of all kinds of. We, we pray that I thought you would stay the hand of evil, in many, of these situations. And we pray that that, again, you will be pleased to use your people to be a means of, of rescuing those that I trapped in these kind of vices have been profoundly impacted in a negative way by them. So we can in a situation to you. We come into a country Church in your church to you. We pray for your blessing. Thank you for the scriptures, going to thank you that you have left us and accurate and sufficient communication, by which we can live our lives. And we, we thank you that your word is all the divine revelation that we need. And as we come to it, we we pray that you'd help us to wrestle with it. Well, and in particular that you might help us to have the courage and Be Giants to change our lives in light of the text help us. We pray to reflect you better by being more obedient as we come to understand your words better. So we thank you for this time together. We can get it to you in a sense was seeking to the plant, the seed, and water the sea, but we recognize it on the you can bring the growth. And so we came in that time to you, in Jesus name, amen.

Okay, we continued out Series in Genesis 1 through 11 and we are up to chapter 5 deaths gift to life.

This can be one of the most awful things that can happen to many people, but came across these funny at the times on tombstones. And some people is it real to some of these aren't real, too soon as I just seen here, but these had been used

one says jokes over. Let me out now. I'm not going to say is I told you that I was sick. Here lies, John yeast. Pardon me for not Rising.

Anime thoughts on the drive to be in Acapulco, Acapulco? Church, since she has humans can find some humor in death.

But hopefully we also find some lessons in death. And you might be familiar with the movie or the book Scrooge Charles Dickens. Play many different remakes of the movie. I just wanted was Jim Carrey has won the recent most recent ones, but in the book / movie of Scrooge, you've got this mean, wealthy men. Scrooge is his name who doesn't like anybody and let's not being on hold his money and don't care really. Anybody except himself. And on one Christmas Eve, he's visited by three ghosts. If you can, remember the story of the Ghost of Christmas Past and the Christmas future, and collectively these three ghosts, convince him to change his ways. The last goes to the Ghost of Christmas future. And so he kind of seals the deal and getting screws to change his attitude, in to become a more generous person. And I'm a loving person by showing him his death. So he takes him two different places with, with people happy that he's died, this celebrating the fact that he's died and I take him to his Tombstone, which is overrun with weeds because nobody cares about it and so forth. And so the Ghost of Christmas future shows Scrooge. This is what death is going to be like for you and if you don't change your ways and That seals the deal after that goes sleeves. He wakes up from his dream and he changes

The Bible has the same thing effects from Ray Charles, Dickens got the idea from, I reckon, this is, how do I set up Ecclesiastes 7 to 6? It's way better to go to a house of mourning. That is to House of feasting cuz it a house of mourning. You gain a height of wisdom for the Ecclesiastes 7:3. I'm barely go to a house of mourning than a house of feasting because they'll buy your game out of wisdom. And so what they're trying to Ecclesiastes is saying is that when you view death and when you go to a place I like a funeral or a funeral Paula and you see this and you see the impact of death on those that love the one that's lost at that is gone. That has a has a chance to wake you up and has a chance to get you to recalibrate your values and your ID is in your thinking. In a way that is way more profound and significant then go to a party. If you go to her house will feast and you got to go potty. It's almost an escape from reality. You're going there too to what, to, to forget the life for a bit to a have some fun. How does that exactly build your character? How does that help to shape you in a positive way? Depends on the potty, I know, but but generally speaking better to go to a house of mourning for the house for feasting because by looking death in the face, while you're still alive, it's got a chance to change you in a very positive way. If you respond appropriately, So with that said, we are going to look this morning. In Genesis chapter 5, at three ways, death should motivate us to live through the death. Should motivate us to leave certain You by was pleased to Genesis chapter 5. Officially known as the death chapter. And as we read it through, I think you'll understand why. Genesis 5:1. This is the written account of Addams. Family line. When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God. He created in male and female and blessed a man named the mankind. When they were created, when Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son of his own likeness in his own image and he named Seth. And I have to see if was born at eight hundred years and had other Sons and Daughters altogether, Adam lived, a total of 930 years. And then he died. When Cecily 205 years, he became the father of enosh. After he became the father be nauseous, and had other Sons and Daughters or together to total of 912 years. And then he died. We need to wash and leave 90 years. He became the father Cannon after he became the father of Ken and 859.

And then he died.


Open map to when Keenan's has lived in 70 years. I've already said that he became the father of how he became the father of my 40 years and I had other Sons and Daughters all together. Keenan, leave the total of 910 years. And then he died. When mahaleo at least 65 years, he became the father of Jared after he became the father of Jared Mahalia, lived, 130 years and I'll leave the total of 95 years. And then he died. When Jared Leto 162 years, he became the father of Enoch after he became the father of Enoch Jared lived, nine hundred sixty-two years and pulls together. And then he died. You can join me in saying that part. Will in our tournament 65 years. He became the father Methuselah live TV channel, 5 news. Let you know if we would go out 300 years and had other Sons and Daughters or together, you don't give the toilet 365 years here, at work Faithfully with God. And he was no more because God took him away. When Methuselah had to leave 187 years, he became the father of lamech after he became the father of lamech Methuselah leave 782 years and had other Sons and Daughters altogether Methuselah live to total of 969 years and then all together, he died. Well, then they can leave a hundred ninety-two years. He had a Sunday, 19 Noah, and he said that he will come for us in the labor and paint from toil of our hands caused by the ground. The Lord has cursed have to know it was born and then take me to 965. 595 years and at other Sons and Daughters were together. Let me clear. The total of 777 years and then He died after. No, it was 500 years old, he became the father of Shem ham and japheth. Okay? Three ways that death should help us will motivate us to live simple live life. Like death is looming and desperate but it's actually quite helpful and healthy live life like death is looming what I mean by that lives life, knowing that one day, you're going to die. That's what I mean by that. Okay so now knowing that soon who knows how long you go left but one day you're going to die. Unless of course the Lord Jesus comes back to take us to the Rapture but otherwise we're going to die. And what's interesting about this genealogy in chapter 5, is that it follows the same pattern for each of the people, but four times the author breaks into a little bit of a narrative. And so they are full individuals that are differentiated from the wrist and always for Adam and then Enoch, Lenox and Noah because I'm the author. Boo. Moses will say something about each of those those people. And it's interesting, you got connections between Genesis 5:2 in Genesis 1 verses 26 to 28 of Genesis 1. Verse 28, way, God made, man kind man and female and he blessed them. And so much does Moses has gone on a bit of a detour to tell us about Cain and Abel in chapter 4. And now, what he's doing by spine? 5:2 is taking us back to what happened with Adam and Eve and the line of Seth and he's continuing the story after a brief detour with respect to Cain and Abel. You'll also see the tennis 5:5, introduces, the truth that God gave to Adam back in Chapter 2 verses 15 to 17 in Chapter 2, 15 to 17. God says, to Adam, you may eat of any of the trees in this Garden except for the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. And in the day with you, either that you will die. When Genesis 55 we're reading about Adam and everything is hunky-dory but then it's somewhat jarring and verse 5. When you come to see Adam leave to total of 930 years. And then, for the first time in this chapter, then he died. And there is a fulfillment of God's warning in Chapter 2, verses 15 to 17. And so you could have continuation that you put. This is what happened because Adam and Eve messed up in the garden because I ate the forbidden fruit go to warn them that we would die and between separation. But now the body dies and so their soul is separated from their body. And physical death comes into the world and Romans reminds us that for mines is that through. Adam death, came into the world,

Death is the key word in the chapter he died is to refrain in the chapter. What's a m by the way is that you don't get no. His death recorded until check to 9 at the end of 9:29. You get the same phrase. So there's a sense in which this genealogy continues all the way through to the end of chapter 9. It's just that with a Noah's story, you could have a very big deal to us and we are the author. Moses takes us through the flood that happens in the time of Noah, but then he returns almost to his genealogy, at the end of chapter 9.

So, in terms of live life like death is looming, what we mean by that is that we need to have an attitude with by, we understand and lived knowing that dies and number for Moses, he in Psalm 90 praise this because his blood teach us to number our days, that we may gain a lot of wisdom. It's not teach us the number of days so that we can Moberly reflect upon death, but Robin teach us to number our days. So that we never had a wisdom. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 17 wisdom is being able to live out the true that God wants us to live on and to do that. Well, to the to the degree that you're able to leave well before, God is great, that you are wise. And so numbering your days will help us to do that because we'll know that it's fun. At that time is fine. I, we don't want to waste time. So pull says it like this in chapter 5 of Ephesians. He says redeem the time because the days are evil. So Redeeming the time means that you need to make the most of it. You need to understand that that time. You don't get it back every day that you waste. You don't get to repeat that, it doesn't come back at the end. It's lost. So, therefore, number your days. I understand that your time is limited and because your time is limited, make the most of those days for God, and for his glory, I know it one friend. I think she has a model for every month. Up until the age of 70 in a little bowl and at the end of every month, she takes a model out, your dice with the number to you. So we can expect against. I'm 19 tells us that and it's one way for us to to symbolically and Visually number of months, we got left until 17 and after 70s, The number of days that we might gain a heart of wisdom and application. You have to sign up for cashier answer. Each of these points and social in the front of you, use data. Let's set Godly goals for the remainder of a life. One way that we are to redeem the time. One way that we can live life with death looming. It's okay. I don't know how long ago lift it could be days, it could be weeks, it could be months. It could be years. It could be decades, I don't know. But Given time is short and God wants me to make the most of whatever time I go left. How can I make the most of it and won the best ways for us to actually make the most of the time we have left is to Think Through what we want to achieve. And therefore set goals. Set goals for ourselves in the difference aspects of a life. So cheaply goes with respect to a character. What goals do you have in terms of seeking to improve who you are as a person or goals? You have with this pic to your Christian Life? What would you like to be known for? So again, if you take the, the idea of the Ghost of Christmas future, people are at your funeral service. What are they saying that? You'll like

What time, what characteristics are they extolling? What would you like them to say? What ammunition are you going to give to people to say what you want them to say? So, you can goals and Tim's, if you hold your character goes into your spiritual life, golden, Tim's Church Life. What would you like to go to your marriage? What would you like your marriage to become like, and what can you contribute to that? Goes to this pic to your family, and goals for this pic to your career. It's not the most important but goals from to take to your career goals and respect to you later. So you can you can actually set a goal in all these different areas and that would be the applications can be running through this message.

Delete life like death is looming. Secondly live life, loving God live life. Loving God. Second time, that that Moses breaks into this genealogy in a different way, is in the life of Enoch. He's the seventh from Adam, read those verses again,

Abyss 41. When you don't have to leave 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah after he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked Faithfully with God.

He walked Faithfully with God, that's not Sid of the others.

What's going to be ours? Is that they lived? But, you know, didn't just live. He walk Faithfully with God. Stock different is not. Are you just leaving or are you walking Faithfully? We've got

you don't book face with got 300 years and had other Sons and Daughters who were together. He not leave the total of 365 years, Enoch, walk Faithfully with God and then he was no more because God took him twice the officers that email to walk Faithfully with God. And there's not that many individuals in the Bible of whom it is said that they won't fight from the god. Interesting. Lee know, or is one 9:6 same phrases used of Noah and in fact,

Is Rob has called upon to walk Faithfully with God. In Micah 6. Verse 8. What does the Lord your God require of you but that you walk Faithfully with him. Do you love the Lord? Your God, you see Justice and you walk Faithfully with him and then across the leaves are called upon to walk with Jesus. Come follow me. I'll make you Fishers of Men. So you know is unusual in terms of being a man who walked Faithfully with God, for most of his life is going to live his life. What does it mean to walk with god? Well, if you walking with somebody and that other person is the, is the most dominant person and then they'll take the lead and you'll be right beside them. But they, the ones that we kind of making the decision but you'll be right beside them. So, if you're walking with God, that means that God is walking. He's going somewhere and you are right there with him, and he turns to the right, and you turn to the right to the left and you turn to the left. He goes forward to go for it. He starts you stop. That's what you means to walk with. Right, if you walking with somebody, they stop and you keep going and all of a sudden you're not working with them anymore. It's I turn right. You turn left. You're not walking with him anymore. If I stayed up and you slow down, you know, I'm walking with them anymore. So to walk with God is to see, this is where God is, this is where he's going, I'm right with him. And that's what men for Enoch to walk with God and it's challenging, isn't it? cuz the scriptures is so so important in the Bible tells us where God is walking, who God is, how he's walking, where he's walking As we seek to align a life with the truth that he's revealed that himself. His plans for his eyes. That's how we work with him. And the New Testament is full of references to, to Walking with God has mentioned three times in the Bible. If you ever after a short devotion is the Cardinal Devotion to come up with he plotted with God he pleased God and he preached God Freedom passages in the Bible so I hear you've got him plotting with God while he's walking with God. But in Hebrews 11:5 it says that Enoch please God. You don't catch fire season by spicy, please go to famous. Just jump over the Hebrews chapter 11.

This is 5 + 6.

So he walked with God whatever God was, that's where he knocked was.

Neighbors 11:45 by faith. Enoch was taken from this life. So that he did not experience death, he could not be found because God had taken him away for before he was taking, he had committed a, he was commended as one, who, please God without faith. It's impossible to please God. So before he was taking, he was committed as one, who please God, by the way. I need. I need a not going to lie. Chat are the only two men who never seen death. So I think that's a really good case to make them being the two witnesses. In Revelation, chapter 11 will come back. You can preach Christ to a lost world and then be executed for it. But that's beside the point because God but then you'll say please God I mean, if you just think about that for a moment you just want to sit in that Fort for a moment. It's possible for us sinners cuz you know, cuz it's just like we are, it is possible for us. Sinners To, please God. That is quite remarkable because God is Holy Infant, is immeasurably different than we are in a different category of being. He's perfect. Is complete, is sufficient. When none of that yet, God has made it so that we are able to please him even in a simplest because we seen, But even though we are sinners, we still able to please him which is remarkable. And you go to all these texts in the New Testament that talk about pleasing God pulls his. We make it a lame with her life or death to please God. I'm sorry, I was texting Colossians 1, 9 and 10 is a prayer that that allies will be fruitful and pleasing to God. M16 slings for one full service to. This small struggling church that's facing persecution. You please go to ready. But do it even more by being faithful even unto death? Hebrews 11:6, we just read.

1 John 3:22 connects pleasing god with being a singing. Needing fulfilling a need. Somebody else has been God sees you do that. He says, he's on heart being reflected and it's pleasing to him. So that's really what it means to please God. This is to show God's have that to him to see if we're going to be able to see that his goodness and his character and his love and saw you shaped you, that you are now, a country of them is to please him. And if you're repairing, you can, you can understand this to some degree, right? So if you have kids, reflect Godly and good values and character, traits and actions to other people, You don't normally get angry, do you? I hope you don't cuz it's something wrong with you. If you do that pleases, you children exhibit goodness and godliness to have us. The same is true with God as possible for us to please. God, it's possible for us to exhibit godliness. Please him seeing that runs through the New Testament. God, he pleased God, and then he preached God, this is in Jude as far as We Know, Enoch was the first second coming preacher for quarters in the Bible. It's kind of cool, but I'm looking to book of Jude.

And this 14 for the book of Jude in the seventh from Adam prophesied about them and he's talking about the false teachers that would come into the church. See the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of these. Holy ones to judge everyone in the convicted, all of them, all of the ungodly acts of old and only asks that I have committed in all of the and all their and godliness and of all the defiant words that I'm going soon as I spoke out against him, Surely the Lord is coming to judge. The ungodly was what the content of Phoenix preaching. The theme of Enochs preaching. He was a preacher again. How did he please God? He reflected God's truth. He was a provider of Truth. All the way to please God is to speak God's truth. Into your own life, into the life of others. But he was a preacher. Sorry, aplauda a pleaser. And a preacher.

Start living life. Death looming.

Check one live life. Loving God. To live life with death looming. Secondly. Live life, loving God and to fill the application. Have at least one goal that reflects Godly character development and another regarding service for God. So when you when you come up with your goals and you might have five or six goals, maybe let me have free but I'd love for you to have a goal that is related to your Godly character development. What particular part of your character? Would you like to see developed in a Godly way? I think about that and then write something down, but not be long, just Adult point. But write something down and likewise another regarding service to God. So he not had a character that please God, and he was a preacher for God. He spoke God's truth. Sorry. What's a goal that you have regarding how you want to serve God? What risk do you want to take for God challenging Christians and myself to be thinking? What risks are you taking for God? What are some good shape goals that you can have in your life? William Carey famously said, expect great things from God or God expect great things from God and see what God has butthead you. What you thought through? This is what I'd like to see. God do through me and Tim's of service because William Carey didn't just say that and then walk away. He said that so, Everything he had I moved across the India for the rest of his life. And I translated the Bible into a bunch of different languages and and and did a huge amount of work for the gospel in India. That's why he could sit at the Forefront of modern Indian culture.

Live life with Jeff losing looming. Second me, live life, loving God, suddenly lives life to leave a Godly Legacy. So the third time that Moses breaks into the genealogy in an unusual way, he's with Linux because lenik has Noah. And he says this about Noah. 1890. Noah 28.

And he said, he will Comfort Us in the labor and painful 12 hands caused by the ground that the Lord has cursed. It's Rita, mix the birth of Noah with the with a curse in Genesis chapter 3 that God put on Adam because of his sinfulness. And we think that the comfort that Lennon is referring to is the Salvation obviously that Noah is going to bring to the human race through the through the flood. But also across through Noah the Christ will come but it seems will come to see will come, who will ultimately crush the Serpent's head.

but what we have here, From Lenox is a child who becomes a disciple of Christ. If you like or disciple of God, they make Leaves of Godly Legacy to the world. Through these Woods that we have recorded to limit. We know that he was a man of God himself and he was looking for salvation and so therefore we we trust that he was building that into Noah. So I guess what is the man who had the woods? But he also put those words in the practice in his life and he raised up and helped to raise up a Godly Man by the name of Noah through, whom the world was saved. So this is the cool for us to disciple, H is for us to leave a Godly Legacy, because we will die soon. And we're going to leave behind. What was the Legacy that came tried to leave behind? Remember chapter 4? The name of the city he had a son and he called the city after his son and that's what do Christians tend to do. Very wealthy, people will start to University, put the name to evolve bb92 Hospital wing with a book, The 922 a building of some sort seeking to sustain a legacy. That's the best I can do but that will all collapse and I will be forgotten. What is God's word and God's people? So few people into a forever because would Angeles forever so if you can be building godswood into people you'll be leaving a lasting Legacy Legacy that will last forever. And so this is the challenge that comes from us for us through this, in terms of vehicle to leave a goalie Legacy and the New Testament refers to that is discipling others and across the Great commandment. The Great Commission robberies in Matthew 28, 18 to 20, where Jesus told his disciples just before he ascended to Heaven, go into all the world and as you're going into the old world and Make Disciples of all Nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything that I've commanded you and lo, I Am With, You Always even to the end of the age of Make Disciples but just make it make, the siples people who were the people who walk with God, make those kind of people, that's the commission that we have is a church and its individual believe. It's, and that's for painted in the faces 6:4, which we would wear. This is the command to Father's, right? Parents really, just bring your children up in the admonition of the Lord. What's that? If not discipleship. As parents, we have this obligation to teach our children, the things of God and to help shape them in the way that would be pleasing to God. Ultimately we're not in control of their Free Will and manipulated by that time we should see to it but we can build into them. The things of God that's Deuteronomy chapter 6 as well as cool to parents to disciple that you order the things of God. Likewise in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 again that pulls very encouraging in his letter. He says, you guys are already encouraging one another, but I want you to do it even more building to each other even more. And you text me is replete with these commands for us to be encouraging each other, to a building God's word into one. Another, to be praying for each other caring for each other practically. That's how we we might disciple and it to Timothy 2:2. He's a cool for pulled themselves Timothy to teach the things that I'm teaching you to Faithful, Men Who will be able to teach I was also. So he brings for generations of discipleship in the bed. So it's pulled teaching Timothy, who should teach faithful man, who can teach others also for generations of passing on the wood passing of godliness. That's the cool Frost is the church. It's too cold for us as individuals, and so the challenge, then he's who you building into.

What Legacy are you going to leave? Because you going to die soon. I don't know when I don't know how but soon enough. We're all going to die. What Legacy I going to leave behind? I think about Godly Legacy, you're going to leave behind what imprint from a godly perspective. Are you going to leave behind and other people?

And that's how life financial difficulty can help us to live well sorry when it comes to the application and comes to these goals that I'm that I'm challenging us to have at least one, Golden Balls, building codes wood. And why is it Wireless? I cannot go back to the previous one, but have a goal that reflects or has to do with building God's word, into God's people. In some way, if your parent, that's easy because that's what you want to do as a parent, that's your parenting goal in one sense. But if you're not a parent or maybe your kids are not within the influence range, then who is it? That you build?

I'm cynical Fifi, not building it. Anybody Senegal that that you will start to do that. And then, stop thinking about how that will take shape. He's a big idea from Genesis, chapter 5 that looming death. Motivate us to live life. Large went for the else is looming death. Motivate us to live life, large. That's the point. If we're, we're, we're immortality then, hopefully, that should be a spy for us to make the most of, whatever time we got left and to make the most of whatever time is left. If you're a Christian, if your person of faith, that means, how can I be becoming more like Christ myself and helping out this week? I'm more like Christ.

How and what risks should I be taking for the spread of the Gospel? That living death motivate us to live life large. Until I finish with another. Remember, man, as you go by, as you are now. So once was I, as I am now, so shall you be prepare yourself to follow me.

Just a quick reminder that on the on the back of your newsletters, we have introduced a q r code. I didn't get too many people using it.

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