1: Genesis 37: Preaching/Teaching Obstacles to GOD DREAMS

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EOS-Obstacles to God Dreams ‌ EOT-Jospeh's dream is on the brink of ending before it even started. ‌ DDS-Every person would write out 1-3 of their God dreams this week.


Obstacles To God Dreams

EOS-Obstacles to God Dreams
EOT-Jospeh's dream is on the brink of ending before it even started.
DDS-Every person would write out 1-3 of their God dreams this week.
Nate to write out some of my God dreams
My kids will raise a Godly heritage.
MKL-I have a dream-Powerful, it still lives on today
One of the things I love about kids is that they dream.
I want to be a.... (astronaut, NBA.., fairy Princess)
Fill in the blank
Don’t you love that kids dream
We were made to dream
There are places in this world that are so dangerous that kids cannot dream, because they just hope to eat and stay alive. Isn’t that a travesty.
It is a sad place when kids can’t dream
Spike Lee chicago-they just wanted to be alive.
What kind of world is it in whch a kid could not dream. I had dreams growing up
I had a dream when I was a kid I wanted to make the NBA
Do you have a dream?
Do you have a God dream?
You were made to dream (TAG LINE)
Martin Luther King Jr had an audacious dream
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.
This is an audacious dream, and today we are seeing the fruits of one man’s dream.
This dream is being played out before our very eyes.
As a believer God wants us to dream God dreams.
I dream that I will have a great marriage, 50 years we would still be in love and would look into each other eyes.
I have a dream that my kids will walk with Gods and they will teach their kids to walk with God
I dream that RCC will be a life giving church that see lives changed for the glory of God, that we would plant churches all over the world. .
Do you have any God dreams?
Any dreams that make you jump out of bed in the morning?
Any dreams that are so big that they cannot be accomplished unless God intervenes.
Today we are going to look at Joseph.
Joseph had an audacious dream for God.
Joseph’s dream were on the verge of dying before they even started.
But their were som obstacles that almost kept Joseph from achieving these dreams before they even began.
Today we are going to talk about obstacles that will keep us from dreaming and living out our God dreams.

1. The first obstacles to our God dreams is our own Immaturity.

(5) Joseph was young and inexperienced.
Genesis 37:5 (NASB95)
Then Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more.
God was calling Joseph to lead. When God calls us to something it may cause jealousy, anger and hate:
This was not good communication.
The way he shared his dream almost killed his dream before it even began.
He was like a new believer. May not know the right method but they are so excited they are going to share.
He was like a extreme political guy he was going to get this point across.
The way in which he shared his dream was not good.
In a real way Josephs dreams were on the brink of death before it even started.
Maybe one of the reasons he was immature is because he was young.
Could you picture telling this to your siblings.
This was a grand Dream.
He was a master and they were the slaves.
He did not have the experience or ability to do the very vision he was saying yet.
Genesis 37:5–8 NASB95
Then Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more. He said to them, “Please listen to this dream which I have had; for behold, we were binding sheaves in the field, and lo, my sheaf rose up and also stood erect; and behold, your sheaves gathered around and bowed down to my sheaf.” Then his brothers said to him, “Are you actually going to reign over us? Or are you really going to rule over us?” So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words.
He basically said I am the master and you are the slaves.
I will rule and you will serve.
God dreams are not meant primarily for us, God dreams are meant to serve and save others. His God dream was all about himself at this point.
Isn’t it amazing that even God dreams can become selfish.
Application for pt 1
Joseph had a dream.
Do you have a God dream?
If we have God dreams we will struggle, but that does not mean that we should not have them.
We need to not let our immaturity get in the way of not having a dream. God can work out our mess.
what areas is your immature keeping you from your God dream from coming to fruition?
I wonder how many believers in Jesus who had great dreams for God and now have completely lost it.
How is that keeping you from your God dream?
What areas do you need to grow in so you can dream can become a reality.

2. The next obstacles to our God dreams are dream breakers.

A dream breaker is someone who does not want your dream to come true.
A dream maker is someone who believes in, supports and is willing to see our dream come to fruition.
Have you ever encountered someone who has tried to crush your dream?
Are you a dream breaker or are you a dream makers?
You would think that his brothers would be Joseph’s brothers would be dream makers but they were dream makers.
Joseph’s brothers were dream breakers
But they were jealous
Genesis 37:4 NASB95
His brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms.
Joseph’s father did not help him out. He had a big flaw, he literally loved Joseph more than his siblings. And if you grew up in a household were this was evidentI want to apologize because God’s love is unlimited to anyone who comes to.
Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis Chapter 54: The Sovereign Choice of the Wise Leader (Gen. 37:2–11)

The expositor can readily see the paradigm in this scene of the story: when God chooses someone to lead, there may be envy and hatred in those who may feel more qualified to have that position of leadership. The chosen must give no one occasion to find fault.

Joseph was going to be distinguished but his father did it in such a way were he did not love his other brothers.
Now I want to say a word to all of us out there. It is so easy for us to be angry and bitter at our siblings and parents and some reasons are justified. I know families who have not talked to each other for years over a hurt, and many times something really small. But being a parent with a lot of kids, and who is literally crazy about each of my kids it is impossible to treat all my kids the exact same. Sometimes I pray lord i hope I do not mess my kids up. My kids were born at different times at different seasons of life. So be gracious to your family. Most parent I know love their kids more than they will ever know. The gospel is the thing we all need when dealing with our family, the unconditional love and forgiveness.
Joseph showed more love to Jacob because he gave a coat of many colors to his son.
You have Joseph who shares this in a very immature way.
So you have a father who loves this son more than the other children and you have a young immature kid who does not know how to handle this.
They were jealous and they literally wanted to kill him.
Genesis 37:18 NASB95
When they saw him from a distance and before he came close to them, they plotted against him to put him to death.
Notice they did not just want to kill Joseph. It started with jealousy, then turned to Hatred and now they literally want to kill someone.
God always looks at the heart, this desire started in their hearts.
Most people who commit some great sin it did not start their. It started in the heart.
Genesis 37:19–20 NASB95
They said to one another, “Here comes this dreamer! “Now then, come and let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits; and we will say, ‘A wild beast devoured him.’ Then let us see what will become of his dreams!”
There are people literally who do now want your dreams to succeed.
Don’t we need to be filled up with a church of dream makers.
These brothers had an opportunity to support their brother, but they were dream breakers.
I think we need to identify some of those dream breakers in our life so we can shut those voices out and preach good news to ourself, that God is for us.
Who are some dream breakers in your life?
It could be a teacher, a coach, a parent a boss, a spouse. Maybe you are still carrying that hurt around with you today.
The greatest dream breaker
Satan really does not want your God dream to succeed. Satan is the greatest dream breaker. Who wants your life to be so small so that he can prevent you from bringing glory to God.
You get to decide whose voice you can listen to. Start shutting off Satan’s voice out. Start listening to God’s voice.
You were made to dream
Genesis 37:23–25 NASB95
So it came about, when Joseph reached his brothers, that they stripped Joseph of his tunic, the varicolored tunic that was on him; and they took him and threw him into the pit. Now the pit was empty, without any water in it. Then they sat down to eat a meal. And as they raised their eyes and looked, behold, a caravan of Ishmaelites was coming from Gilead, with their camels bearing aromatic gum and balm and myrrh, on their way to bring them down to Egypt.
These brothers who should of been the dream makers in his life literally wanted to destroy them. They did not have the wisdom to see that this was their younger brother.
Think about this: Scarlett is our youngest, and everyone knows the youngest is the favorite. Not really, but she is the baby. I asked Scarlett if she wishes we would have had a younger sibling, and she said no, I want to be the youngest I want to be the favorite.
The youngest can get away with stuff sometimes that the others can’t. And Joseph’s brothers instead of being dream makers literally wanted to kill him.
Joseph’s father was a dream maker
Genesis 37:10 (NASB95)
He related it to his father and to his brothers; and his father rebuked him and said to him, “What is this dream that you have had? Shall I and your mother and your brothers actually come to bow ourselves down before you to the ground?”
Dream Makers will say the hard things.
Even though his dad may not have done it completely right, he believed in Joseph.
H Town-2 x NBA World champions. Do you remember the Rockets glory years. Going into his senior year he told his coach. I am going to make the NBA. His coach who he had a lot of love for Kenny Smith laughed at him. You don’t work like an NBA player. Kenny Smith was immature at this point. This coach speaking truth in to his life changed the trajectory of his career. that summer he worked like he never had before. He talked about in an inteview, even when he went up stairs in a house he would run them like it were practice. He went from not even having a scholarship opportunity to playing for North Carolina, to making the NBA and being a NBA Champion. This would not of happened without a coach who was a dream maker.
Genesis 37:11 (NASB95)
His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the saying in mind.
Josephs dad was a dream maker for Joseph. That was not the smartest way to share your dream, but I think this still could happen.
Son this is not how you go about this dream.
But still go for the dream that God has put on your heart.
God is worried not just about the end result God cares about all the details.
God’s truth about God’s dream.
Who are the dream makers in your life?
this last weekend our adopted daughter was in town
they have a dream to impact kids
they had a kid and adopted five others
they were sharing last weekend with us how hard of a year it has been
they have had a lot of people who have criticized them for this
i thought to myself I have to be intentional to be a dream maker in their lives
There were two other Dream Makers in this passage.
Rueben was a dream maker
Genesis 37:21–22 (NASB95)
But Reuben heard this and rescued him out of their hands and said, “Let us not take his life.”
Reuben further said to them, “Shed no blood. Throw him into this pit that is in the wilderness, but do not lay hands on him”—that he might rescue him out of their hands, to restore him to his father.
Rueben was a dream maker he was not the majority but he wanted his brother to live and his dream to live on.
Guys if we want this church to continue to reach people and make an impact we need dream makers.
Bill Carpenter you have been a dream maker for this church before I got here and ever since I have been here. You stood here and said I support you 110 percent and you have been faithful to your word. Thank you Bill for being a dream maker for what God wants to do at this church.
Judah was a dream maker
Genesis 37:26–27 NASB95
Judah said to his brothers, “What profit is it for us to kill our brother and cover up his blood? “Come and let us sell him to the Ishmaelites and not lay our hands on him, for he is our brother, our own flesh.” And his brothers listened to him.
Judah did not want to kill his dream, I love v. 26-What profit is it for us to kill our brother and cover up his blood?
Jacob had 12 siblings and out of one of these siblings Jesus would come. He came out of the tribe of Judah.
We will see Judah literally take the place of his brother later.
When Jesus was dying he took the place of our sins so that we could live.
the greatest dream maker of all time would come from a dream maker
Gospel connection
There are two christ connections in this passage.
Joseph is a christ connection
Beaten by his brothers
Juday stepped in his place,
Jesus would later take our place.
My dream was crushed. I did not make the NBA, and as I sat their in my last college game a part of me had died. A part of me that spent hours in the gym, the part of me that had seen high high’s and low low’s. It was gone.
Could you picture if Joseph’s dream did not come to fulfillment
The Jewish people would have literally died out
The people would never have been free
Jesus would have never been born
The saviour would not have been born
People are counting on your dreams.
What if their are people right now who will be reached because of your God dream?
Satan does not want that to happen.
Put in my dreams that i have today
I have an audacious dream for
this church to be a church that sees lives changed for the glory of God
I want to see this community to stop turning to their phone and start walking with God
I want to see families who leave a legacy of faith to their kids for the glory of God.
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