The Siren

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Police visited Vladimir, a resident of Berlin Germany. They confiscated his air raid siren because neighbors were complaining about it’s piercing wail. Which may leave you asking the question, “Why did Vladimir have an air raid siren to begin with?”

It’s simple: Vladimir was tired of his wife’s loud argument, so he came up with a way to silence her. CNN reported that he wired a 220 plug to his ceiling and hooked up an old air raid siren. He explained (if there really is an explanation for such a thing!):

My wife never lets me get a word in edgeways, so I crank up the siren and let-er-rip for a few minutes. It works everytime. Afterwards, its real quiet!.

What did his wife of 32 years have to say about all of this? She actually said something like, “Well, if you were married to a stubborn mule like my husband, you’d get loud too!”

Boy! Those relationships can be tough, can’t they? You may have even realized the need to work on your relationship, but you find that, no matter how many times you resolve to do things differently, it’s much easier said than done.

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