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Ted Clarke - Sermon Outline

Title:    “Christ like husband equals a Christ like home”

Text: Ephesians 5:23-33

Proposition Statement:  Christ’s relationship to the Church serves as a great example to husband and his responsibilities.

Introduction:  (Background on the book and passage)

Transition statement: It is the second half of the book which give us some practical insight to the husband and wife relationship as it pertains to Christ’s relationship to the Church

             I.      A husband has the responsibility of the finally authority (vs. 23 - 24)

a.       The “Head”( kejalh -kef a lay ) from (kaptw -kapto) def…

                                                              i.      Christ's Headship is not identical but an example

                                                            ii.      Headship is leadership

b.      The husband is the Leader of the wife & home(same as Christ’s & church)

                                                              i.      Christ is the “savior of the body” earned the right as the leader

                                                            ii.      What is leadership?-

Transition statement: Leadership should be most evident is the role of spiritual leader.

          II.      A husband has the responsibility of spiritual maturity  (vs. 25 – 27)

a.       Christ directs the church for spiritual growth

                                                              i.      The objective of Christ was to save & purify (set apart) the church.

                                                            ii.      Christ the example of spiritual maturity for the Husband

                                                          iii.       The husband is  the EXAMPLE

b.      How does spiritual maturity look – Sanctify or set apart and making clean

                                                              i.      Washing of water by the word–diversity of opinion on its meaning.

                                                            ii.      Tim LaHaye in his book “how to be happy thought married”

                                                          iii.      Vs. 27 gives us the results this ultimately give glory to the head and to God

Transition statement: This Spiritual growth which honors the head is possible because of the sacrificial love of Christ who gave himself for the church.   

       III.      A Husband has the responsibility of Love and Unity (vs. 25, 28-33)

a.       Love: men are incapable of loving like Christ’s yet we can Love like we Love ourselves.

                                                               i.      Worldly misconceptions of what love is:

                                                            ii.      What encompasses right Love:

b.      Unity

                                                              i.      (vs30)Christ is so much a part of us and we are of him that their is a Unity which is best conveyed in the aspect “communication”

                                                            ii.      Good communication involves: 

c.       The mystery is the relationship of the church marriage is not a sacrament

Transition statement: This mystery of Christ’s relationship to the Church revealed in Ephesians provides a great example to husbands regarding his: responsibility of the


 Repetition is important and the aspect of Love is repeated in vs. 33 love your wife even as you love yourself.  Remember your responsibility finally authority, spiritual maturity, and Love and Unity. I hope these words have been an encouragement, and challenge lets pray

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