Ham Henek Met

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One missionary writes that while he was serving in Paraguay, a Maka Indian by the name of Rafael would come and sit on his porch. He was inside eating, so he went out to see what Rafael wanted. When he asked, Rafael just said, “Ham, henek, met.” He didn’t get a lot out of that, even though he understood what was being said. Literally, it meant, “I don’t want anything; I have just come near.”

The missionary later shared the incident with a local veteran missionary. The veteran explained that this was Rafael’s way of honoring him. You see, Rafael didn’t want anything; he just wanted to sit on his front porch. He found satisfaction and pleasure in just being near.

The Lord says, “What brings you here, ______________ (use names)?” We answer, “Ham, henek, met.” “I don’t want anything; I have just come near.” That’s what it means to have a captivated heart for God.

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