Lee Beaman

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This came home to me a many ago when I was living in Nashville, Tn. I was teaching music in a Christian school and was out for the summer. As so many teachers do, I had, of necessity, found me a summer job. I had started my own business named Russell’s Jetspray in which I would go around to different homes and pressure clean their decks and sidewalks. Well it was a hot summer day and I was working at Mr. Beaman’s house. Now if you ever lived in Nashville, you knew of Lee Beaman. He was about the wealthiest man in town, because he owned the local Pepsi distributorship along with many other investments. As I was pressure washing the sidewalks in his palatial garden, I began to feel a little like Asaph. I looked around and saw the lovely estate he owned, and I began to think, “This guy probably makes in one day what I make in one year.” I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I saw something moving inside the house. I watched as the most pathetic human specimen I had seen in a while hobbled by the window. Stooped over and moving with slow, painful steps, Mr. Beaman walked past his huge livingroom window. All of a sudden, the tables turned. Before I was feeling sorry for me. Now I felt sorry for him.

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