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Okay, well, as we begin our study in the word of God, you know, I suspect that most of you woke up on Saturday morning, with watching the news and it seemed the events that I've been folding in Israel. Am I woke up reading an email from the Jews for Jesus director, talking about how some of the staff have been recalled to military service in about the rocket attacks, which have become daily life for so many who have grown up there but this was different. And so as you've been continuing, if you were glued to the TV, like I was on Saturday or not TV but the internet reading a first-hand accounts of what's going on. It's been appalling and it's been heartbreaking. It's been an opportunity for believers to unite together in prayer. And so, I do want to do that at the end of the service. After this message, we're going to pray for for Israel. But I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you just some interesting and encouraging facts about what the Lord has been doing in the land of Israel, since it became a nation in 1948. And if you think back to the beginning, Israel's history and I'm not talking about 1948 now but from the beginning of Israel as a nation, the enemy has always wanted to destroy. God's people that has been. His purpose was to destroy the bloodline of the Messiah to destroy the seed of the woman, who would destroy the evil one and Satan. So in Genesis 3, 15 were told about the seed of a woman who will crush the head of the serpent, even though he will bruise his heels. So, this was the first reference to the Messiah. And so, for the beginning of the beginning of the history of the descendants of Abraham, there has always been a desire of the evil one, to destroy the bloodline of the Messiah of the, the descendants of Abraham. And so they experience that in Egypt. Or at least 400, over 400 years of that, they experience that several times throughout their history. Even leading up through the X-Files by Assyria and Babylon. Like we're studying now and Isaiah. But then also in the first century As even the Lord Jesus himself, his life was put under Threat by Harrod and then continuing throughout the Holocaust of Europe and to the present day as anti-Semitism is continuing to be a rising Threat all around the world. And so this isn't something new for the people of Israel. But it's something that points us back to scripture and what the Lord has said about what these times mean. And I want to share with you some stats from. This was a study that was done by Israel. College of the Bible as recorded by a reported by one for Israel. And this is about the state of Jewish Believers in the Holy Land, since 1948. And in 1948 that the there were 10 million, Jewish people around the world who survived the Holocaust, 600,000 were living in Israel and only 23. We're Believers in Jesus, as the Messiah at that time. Are they acknowledged? There was some other church denominations and missionaries there but there were no Messianic congregations at all. Then in 1989, another study was done and Israel's Jewish population, had grown to 3.5 million. And at that point, the estimated number of Believers in Jesus, the Messiah or 12:00 and there were 30 congregations Then in 1999, there were 4.8 million Jews living in Israel. 81, Messianic congregations and an estimated $5,000. And then most recently, there's product, there may be a more recent study than this, but as far as I've been able to find in 2017, there were 300 congregations that were counted. And it's been difficult to accurately identify the number of Jewish Believers and Israel. But a conservative estimate is 30,000, And so from 1948, with just 23 Believers to 2017, so, probably more so now, 30,000, that's quite the exponential growth and I do not believe that is by coincidence. I believe that is according to the work of the Lord Spirit as the prophets have consistently pointed towards. I'm in fact, this is entirely consistent with what the biblical Prophet said. Would happen concerning the nation of Israel. It is Ezekiel 36 for example, verse 24. And Ezekiel is a prophet, as well as Jeremiah, who is going to be ministering to the nation of Judah at a time that we haven't studied yet. He comes after Isaiah about 70 years. So when we study Isaiah today, think about seventy years later, ezekiel's going to be saying these things and Jeremiah as well, but he says for I will take you from the nation's gather, you from all the lands and bring you into your own land. In the passage continues in verse 25. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you. So there's an image there of baptism, perhaps the Forgiveness of sins of cleansing and you will be clean. Moreover, I will give you a new Hearts. This is the promise of a New Covenant. I will put a new spirit within you and I will remove the Heart of Stone from your flesh and give you a heart of Flesh. So in ezekiel's words, there's the promise of a regathering of Israel from the Nations will wire is why is Israel among the Nations will? If you remember as we studied in the book of Isaiah, at this time, Assyria is the world power. They had taken the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The northern ten tribes into captivity, they have been scattered to the ends of the Earth. And Ezekiel writing after this time. Is saying I'm going to gather you back, so he's pointing towards a future day when the Lord's spirit will draw back all the the people of Israel who have been scattered among the Nations Well you have to think about will. When has this possibly happened throughout the history of Israel and Judah and it hasn't accept what we've seen since 1948 that seems to be growing which is quite exciting. When we think about the current state of biblical prophecy and the return of not only a Jewish people to the land but then also Jewish Believers in Jesus who are also returning to the land.

Jeremiah, here's another verse 16 verse 15 says, but as the Lord Lives, who brought up the people of Israel out of the North country and out of all the countries where he had driven them, that's a reference to the Assyrian. Exile, for I will bring them back to their own land. That I gave to their fathers and said, ultimately, this is a promise that the Lord is not only going to bring his people back to the land of Israel. It's not only going to be to the current land of Israel, which whose borders do not represent the land, that has been promised to Abraham, it's going to be much bigger. I'm much more glorious and it will culminate in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Rule and Reign Over All the Earth but headquarters in Jerusalem. And so, Israel has always been a significant place in Biblical history and prophecy the Apostle. Paul, I want to read for us, a passage from one of his letters that he wrote to the church in Rome in chapter 11. If you if you know anything about the Apostle Paul he was a Pharisee of The Tribe of Benjamin, studied under Gamaliel in Jerusalem grew up in Turkey but educated in Jerusalem and he was asked to the law, he considered himself blameless and he had a dramatic conversion where the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him as he was on his way to persecute Christians and it changed his life forever but it also changed his Theology and in Romans chapters 9 through 11 Studied at this week because it's a chapter which lays out the case for God's plans and purposes in the future for Israel. And he says this in verse 11 of Romans chapter 11, he says, so I asked, did they stumble in order that they might fall? He's referring to Israel. And he says this, after saying, Brothers, my heart's desire for Israel is that they would be saved. So, the Apostle Paul, even when he is writing this, his heart is bleeding and weeping for the people of Israel for their salvation because in their current Rebellion against Christ, they were just like him on that road to Damascus. They were cut off from the Lord. And Paul says, by no means rather through their trespass, salvation has come to the Gentiles. So, as to make Israel jealous, and verse 12. Now, if their trespass means Rich's for the world, and if their failure means Rich's for the Gentiles, how much more will their full inclusion mean? If you study the book of Acts, we've been going through that on Wednesday nights and you'll have noticed that the Apostle Paul makes it a point everywhere. He goes to go into the synagogues to preach to the Jewish people first Then he gets rejected by them some believe, but mostly rejection and then he turns to the Gentiles. And so we see a theological a precedent that's articulated in Paul's letters and in his witness to, to the Jewish people and to Gentiles where he begins by preaching to Jews and the reason he does that is because there's a purpose and a plan for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in God's plan to bring the Messiah and for the Salvation of the Gentiles. And so what would happened was, Paul would go to synagogue, should preach in one area on his missionary Journeys. Someone believe, others would want to kill him. He would leave go to the Gentiles and Gentiles would get saved. So much that Paul was able to deserve the title of being called the Apostle to the Gentiles. Like, he just said. And so what he's talking about here is that as Paul shares, the gospel with Jewish people, and as Jewish people, reject the gospel, and as he then turns the Gentiles, Gentiles are being saved all over the Mediterranean world at the time, that Paul is ministering. So his point here is that if the rejection of the Messiah, as Paul's preaching to them or any Christian for that matter means that Gentiles are now going to hear the gospel because it's going to be preached to Gentiles in their saved. His point is, how much more will they're full inclusion mean for blessings to the world? Who's making the case that Jewish evangelism is important. It's a first important to the Jew, first also to the Greek was Paul's modus operandi. And this is what he did everywhere he went. And now in verse 13 of Romans 11, he says, now I'm speaking to you Gentiles in as much, then I am an apostle to the Gentiles. I magnify my Ministry in order to somehow, make my fellow Jews jealous, and let's save some of them for if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, she's referring to the Gentiles. What will their acceptance mean? But life from the dead, if the do offered as first fruits is Holy. And so is the whole lump for the picture is of a lump of a bread, or a do a piece of that referring to Jewish people and he staying at the whole lump. If they do offer, that's first-rate to fully then. So is the whole lump, if the route is Holy sword, the branches, and the route is the Messiah, the route is the one who makes them holy, but then he says, in verse 17, but if some of the branches were broken off and you, although a wild all of shoot for grafted in among the others. And now share in the nourishing root of the Olive Tree, do not be arrogant towards the branches. I was talking to Gentiles there. Gentiles who received the gospel and have been saved, or not to be arrogant, towards Jewish people who have not been saved. Because he says, if you are remember, it's not you who support the root, but the root that supports you, then you will say, verse 19 of Romans 11 branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in and he agrees. This is true. They were broken off though because of their unbelief. But you stand fast through faith. So do not become proud but fear for if God did not spare, the natural branch is neither. Will he spare, you know. Then the kindness and the severity of God severity towards those Who Fallen but God's kindness to you provided you continue in his kindness, otherwise you two will be cut off and even they if they do not continue in their unbelief. So speaking to Jewish people, they will be grafted in for God has the power to grab them in again for a few were cut from what is by nature. A wild Olive Tree in Grafton. Contrary to Nature into a cultivated Olive, Tree or natural one. How much more will these natural branches be grafted back into their own olive tree? And then listen to what Paul says here. He says, lest you be wise in your own sight. I do not want you to be unaware of this mystery Brothers. A partial hardening has come upon Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and that partial hardening is continuing to this day as the gospel, is continuing to reach Gentile Nations as well. But then he says, and in this way, all Israel will be saved as it is written. The deliverer will come from Zion and he will banish ungodliness from Jacob, and this will be my Covenant with them. When I take away their sins, As regards for the gospel he says they're enemies for your sake but as regards election their beloved for the sake of their forefathers, for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Hey this is Paul's heart for Israel. This is our heart at the church for Israel. That the Jewish people today would turn to their Messiah. And so I want us to at the end of the service, we're going to pray for Israel. We're going to pray that the eyes of the blind would be open to the Lord Jesus Christ for the Salvation of of, of all Israel. We're also going to pray for for their protection as well. I also want to recommend to you, I'm a documentary. If you haven't seen it called hope in the Holy Land. The wonderful documentary that is not only encouraging but will give you a keen insight into this into some of the issues that are happening in the land today. It's called hope in the Holy Land focuses mainly on what's going on inside of Israel. And what's happening today is obviously much bigger and related to other nations as well. Who also want to see the destruction of the land of Israel. And so, if you haven't noticed, there is a spiritual threat behind the nation of Israel that has been around from the beginning. As I mentioned at the start of the service and its continuing to persist. So that the Jewish people can be destroyed, that's the will of the enemy. And you have to think why, why would the enemy want to do this? Well, the first threat was to prevent the Messiah from even coming into the world. So that the because the enemy knows that through the death of the Lord, Jesus Christ, salvation will not only come for Israel, but for the whole world. Okay? So that was his first objective prevent Jesus from even being born. Can't prevent Abraham's descendants from even being born, wipe them off. That was the goal but it's the continued goal to this day even after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, because the enemy knows there is still a plan and purpose for the people and the nation of Israel for the Salvation of the ends of the Earth. It's a place where Jesus is coming back to rule and terrain with Believers and its significant. So let's turn now to Isaiah 33, which is Providentially very much. Seems like Isaiah can be speaking these words to the leadership in the nation of Israel today.

So now you say 33:1 he says are you Destroyer who yourself have not been destroyed, you traitor, whom none has betrayed. When you have cease to destroy you will be destroyed and when you have finished betraying, they'll betray you. So, the nation of Judah in her increasing Act of desperation has been looking everywhere, except to the Lord, to get them out of the impending slavery from from a series that was coming. And most likely, Isaiah has a Syria in mind here as the one that he's calling the Destroyer. That's not limited to just Assyria Judah, eventually gave in to remember forming alliances and trusting an Egypt for their salvation and an Egypt, Egypt's military. And when that failed they paid off Assyria thinking that they would, instead placate the Assyrian king for a little while, he gave them gold as payment to somehow thinking they would avert The Invasion. But that didn't work because all that did was give Assyria more goals at a time sooner than than anticipated and they invaded. Anyways, they had already done the same thing to their brothers in the North of Israel. Tribute from them and then invaded them anyways. So same thing happening in the South into de Sol. In this opening verse, the Lord is calling out both of Syria as the destroyer and those within Judah who were promoting and working towards an alliance with another enemy Egypt, he's referring to them as traitors to those within Judah who were advocating for this Alliance. It said the world is against not only the two groups of Hezekiah is day that I just mentioned. But also, it's also against any future Nations who follow the same course against God's people. And against Jerusalem, even members from within their own brothers from within the nation. In fact, the reason is Syria is not mentioned by name here, but instead is to just is just referred to as the destroyer and another unnamed group of people as the traitor is because this promise is transferable to all times were treacherous nations were organized, groups of For an individual's, try and Destroy Jerusalem. Anniversary says, oh, Lord be gracious to us. We wait for you, be our arm every morning, our Salvation in the time of trouble. This is the Cry of the faithful. Hezekiah and Isaiah were faithful. And I'd like to think of them praying this prayer together with the few who did not compromise with the enemy. In verse 3, he says, at the tumultuous noise, people's flea, when you lift yourself up nations are scattered, and your spoil is gathered. As the caterpillar gathers as Loca sleep, it's left upon the Lord is exalted for. He dwells on high. He will fill Zion with Justice and righteousness, and he will be the stability of your times. Abundance of Salvation, wisdom and knowledge, the fear of the Lord is Zion's treasure.

It should be our prayer every morning. Jerusalem is in a time of trouble right now. Many of the nations of the world are in a time of trouble right now. In your personal life, you might be experiencing times of trouble. Unexpected events in your life that left you feeling afraid, vulnerable week. Not confidence. But the Lord's encouragement to us is to wait for him. In the quiet confidence of these words, be our arm every morning, our Salvation, in the time of trouble, the Lord will fill Zion with Justice. And righteousness will be the stability of your times, abundance, and salvation wisdom, knowledge. The fear of the Lord. In biblical prophecy, the culmination of the end times will be centered and focused on Jerusalem. And so that's why I went significant events occur in and around Jerusalem. It should provoke our attention. It should provoke our prayers for the Jewish people for their salvation. And also our eagerness, and our expectation for the Lord's return, because even though Jerusalem has experienced decades and centuries of war and attacks as the enemies of God would want to see the bloodline of the Messiah wiped out. Like, I just mentioned earlier, even though this can cause many of us to grow cold or complacent in Our Hope for Change. One day, Jerusalem will be attacked for the last time. And it'll be unsuccessful because the lion of the tribe of Judah. The Lord Jesus Christ will return to rule and to Reign Over the entire Earth. His enemies will be subjugated, the Nations will come to him, to be ruled, and righteousness, and the people of God will be together with him dwelling. Not under an Iron Dome anymore. Have something much greater The dwell under the protective wings of our Lord and savior. And a 70 says behold their Heroes cry in the streets. The envoys have peace, weep bitterly. The highways like waste The Travelers ceases covenants are broken cities are despised. There's no regard for man. The land morons in language is Lebanon, his confounded in Withers away. Sharone is like a desert and Big Sean and Carmel shake off their leaves. The picture here is of the complete takeover of Judah by her enemies. But it won't last forever because in verse 10, the Lord encourages look what he says. Now I will arise says the Lord. Now I will lift myself up now, so I will be exalted. The Lord's return. At this point is preceded, by a time of morning and languishing. Did you see that? This means that the Lord's return will come as a refreshing Act of Deliverance. During a time when things are growing weak, when the Lord's people are losing power, deteriorating, falling going downhill, suffering situation is dire but now, the Lord speaks to his enemies saying verse 11, you conceived? Chaff you give birth to stubble. Your breath is a fire that will consume you And the people's will be as a burn tool. I'm like, Thorns cut down that are burned in the fire. Here you who are far off what I've done, and you who are near acknowledge, my might the Sinners and Zion are afraid. Trembling has seized the Godless who Among Us can dwell with the consuming fire who Among Us, can dwell with Everlasting burnings. So notice the, the warning that the Lord gives here is not only to his enemies who are far off like the Assyrians were coming and other nations, who hate Judah. But also the warning is to those within those who are near, he says, the sinners in Zion. Remember the Lord is perfectly, just, he shows no partiality.

And then he turns to address the upright the righteous Believers. He says, in verse 15, He Who Walks righteously And speaks uprightly who despises the gain of oppressions who shakes his hands. Lest they hold a bride who stops his ears from hearing a Bloodshed and shuts his eyes from looking on evil. He will dwell in the Heights. His place of defense will be the fortresses of rocks. His bread will be giving him, his water will be sure. This means that the Lord will provide for the righteous for the righteous in Christ, for those who belong to him. If you have the righteousness that comes by faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord will make sure that you were provided for even in the midst of dire times and difficulty. In verse 17 continuous and your eyes will behold the king in his Beauty. They referring to the righteous, will see a land that stretches so far, the Lord's giving Believers a vision for the future. You say, you will see Christ because you will be with him in his kingdom forever. And his kingdom has no end. Remember when Nebuchadnezzar said after the Lord humbleton and restored his sanity, he praised the god of Daniel sing. His kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. His Dominion is an everlasting Dominion, which means it has no end. Verse 18, your heart will Muse on the terror. Where is he? Who counted? Where is he, who weighed the tribute? Where is he, who counted the towers? So in this glorious future. The picture here is that no longer will there be any emissaries or the enemy who's coming to a press? And take the resources of God's people will be no tribute collector anymore from Assyria or among the nation's know who's those who try to prepare for battle against them will be no more and verse 19. He says, you will see no more, the insolent people. The people of an obscure speech that you cannot comprehend stammering in a tongue that you cannot understand the Assyrians spoke Acadian of which they did not understand. So, that's probably what that's referring to first 20, behold, Zion the city of your of our appointed feasts. Your eyes will see Jerusalem in untroubled habitation in a movable tent, who's steaks will never be plucked up. Any of its cords be broken but they're the Lord and Majesty will be for us a place of broad rivers and streams were no Galley with oars can go nor Majestic ship can pass through. Sing enemies are going to be able to attack any more in those places where the Lord Reigns a 22 for the Lord is our judge. The Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord's, our King, he will save us. Those are offices that provided for the security in the nation and outside of the nation, provided for them, the stability and security for the kingdom. In verse 23 says your cords hang-loose they cannot hold the Mast firm in at the place or keep the sails spread out. Then pray and spoil in abundance will be divided. Even the lame will take the prey The masked here refers to the enemy. Who's trying to capture the people of God, the ship imagery the ropes in the Mast. It points to the the ships that are coming to attack Zion, the rather than coming to take the plunder away. It says even the lame among the people of God will receive a portion. I'm finally in verse 24 and no inhabitants will say, I am sick. The people who dwell there will be forgiven their iniquity This is the word of the Lord. This chapter is largely about a gracious warning for Wayward, Travelers through this world, to forsake, their allegiances to Idol's. It's a warning for unbelievers not to confide in what they're trusting in for their security and significance in this life. It's a warning to forsake all other gods because they will forsake you I'm not the only one, you can place your faith in with absolute confidence. Is our Lord and Savior, Jesus. The Messiah, there's a picture of Life under his rule, under the reign of the Messiah In this passage and it described the time of complete, rest of unending provision and Security in the millennial Kingdom. When the Messiah is raining from Jerusalem, those who belong to him will be with him, his enemies will be defeated, their spoils will be given and distributed by the Lord. So that even the lame, it says will inherit an abundance of treasure. And it described the time of complete, physical and spiritual healing. May encourage me to you this morning as you apply. These verses, in this chapter is not the place. The truth of these verses on a bookshelf to be taken at a later time. They can down at a later date at the Lord's return. But the Heat and hear these words today because the description of the rule and the reign of Christ in the Millennium, can also be taken hold up today by coming into right, relationship with God, through faith in Jesus Christ, he will defeat your enemy, your greatest of enemy, which is sin, he'll divide The Spoils of War and give to you graciously from his Spirit every spiritual gift, you will need to endure Faithfully. In this life. And he'll remove the greatest illness that you and I all had had or continuing to have and that's a sin so that it will be no more. In the Lord's, exhorting us today, flee from other gods, flee, from whatever it is, you're worshipping right now. That's capturing Your Allegiance, flee from it, and run to Christ because it will not deliver. And when your Rebellion against Christ by siding with another God, or an idle, when that God will not false god, that Idol gets defeated, that means that you will be defeated as well as he's telling us to not place your trust in those idols. When they prove themselves unable to deliver will turn their back on you as Traders and defeat you the gods of this world, sell you lemons, they sell you false pills. A Goods will fail you in due time.

The prophets are like a time machine and I want to close with this before we pray. You're like a time machine that looks into the future only. God is the one who's giving the words of what will happen in the future and they come back to the people of Israel to report. What they've seen. And this is the picture of what they've seen. The Messiah ruling, and reigning from Jerusalem. With everyone has been declared righteous through faith in Jesus Christ.

The prophets. Are speaking the heart of God for you today, calling you to come out of idolatry. Come out of your life of sin surrender to the Lord. Jesus Christ. He'll give you his righteousness, the promise of eternal life in his kingdom forever.

A missionary by the name of Jim Elliot who was also murdered in the 1950s. He penned these words sometime before he would risk his entire life for the Salvation of the lost. When he wrote, he is no fool to give up what he cannot keep to gain. What he cannot lose. He lost his life in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. That was later results in the conversion of one of the most hostile indigenous tribes of his day.

And if that were you, if you knew someone who had complete knowledge of who wins in the end, You got a choice today to side with the Victor, or the loser. What would you do? Unanimously everyone. Here would agree to side with the victor. So the question is, why don't you today? Why don't you side with the Victor today? Who's the Lord Jesus Christ? See, this is what Isaiah showing us. He saying, I've seen the end the Lord, speaking through Isaiah, giving us indications of what's to come. So we would make the right decisions. Today, place your faith in the Son of God, who is not only the Victor, but he's the savior of your soul and he's the only one who can bring you, sleep safely into his presence forever. This is what the prophets do. They go back to the future only? They don't need a time machine. They have the Living. God, Who's Eternal? He lives outside of time. He's the one who created time. He sees all things present before him in an instant. And he has the power at all times to intervene in our world and to change the course of your feet. So, the Lord sends his prophets Back to the Future, to bring them words of the eternally wise one. So that you would order and submit to him, it's the only sane. And rational thing that you can do today, if you haven't, he will guarantee you eternal life, safety, Eternal Joy, provision, security, and love in the presence of your creator.

What do you face in your life decisions on today? Specifically, what information are you trusting in? What are you ordering your life around to bring you into the future to a place that you want to be? And are those sources of information that you're trusting in? Are they reliable? Are they trustworthy? Will they deliver or will they betray? Our world is in chaos today because of the rejection of Jesus Christ worldwide. human beings have chosen to order their own lives, according to their own ethic, and on purpose, according to the Commandments of the false gods of the Nations, and may God grant us the grace and the peace today to turn away from idols and to follow the lord Jesus.

Join with me now in prayer as we pray for ourselves, and for the nation of Israel. I'm going to start by reading from Psalm 122.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. May they be secure? Who love you? Peace be within your walls and security within your towers for my brothers and my companions sake. I will say, peace, be within you for the sake of the house of the Lord. Our God, I will seek your good. It's a father. We pay we pray for the peace. Enter us alone, we pray, Lord that those who dwell within her gates with Will securely. We pray for protection of of life. We pray for wisdom, Lord for the leadership of the nation, and for the IDF, and for all the soldiers who will be risking much in the coming days and months. And who have already throughout the history of the nation, we pray. Lord that

As your people defend themselves that Lord, they would also don't turn to the Living God through faith in Jesus Christ and be saved. We pray, Lord that times of natural National turmoil and tragedy with turn hearts in Repentance and Faith to the Messiah. We pray. Lord that as wars and rumors of wars continue to plague the Middle East that the loss of life, especially the loss of innocent life, Lord would be minimized. We pray Lord For Peace. We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would come soon that his Rule and Reign would take up residence in Jerusalem and bring peace to our worlds. The Lord, there are millions and millions of people could not turn to you yet, who do not know you. So we pray. Lord. If there's anyone here this morning to who has not received the Forgiveness of sins. And salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. That today would be the day that they surrender to the true king of kings and Lord of lords.

We pray for the holy, spirit's blessing upon their life, that he would provide for them, nourish them, encouraged them and sustain them. Father, thank you that you love us. Thank you. That you are for us. Thank you for that. Those who are righteous in Christ will be provided and cared for that. We would come under your wings and your protection. It's a lord as we apply these words to our life. We pray that Christ would be exalted that he would rightly be ruling and raining on the throne of our hearts of our hearts desires of our plans for the future. I pray, Lord that the Risen Lord, Jesus would be the focus of our attention, and our ministry and our hearts desires as we follow you. Thank you. Jesus. A man.

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