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Christie Brinkley, the 57-year-old former supermodel, has turned sour about marriage and love. After divorcing her first husband, she married the singer Billy Joel in 1985. At first their marriage was a "blast," she said. "We literally never stopped singing the whole time we were together." But they divorced in 1994. Then Brinkley married Ricky Taubman, who had been in a helicopter crash with Brinkley. Brinkley said, "I even named my perfume after husband No. 3—Believe—because I still believed in love."

But after her third and fourth divorce Brinkley claimed, "I can now say unequivocally I would never get married again." And if she ever designed another line of perfume based on her feelings of marriage, she has a perfect name for it: "Stinks," she said, "I would have to call it Stinks."

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