We are in the Witness Protection Program

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We are in the Witness Protection Program

Psalms 91

Introduction: Many of us have heard of the witness protection program. You know when someone has information about someone and gives it, they fear for their lives so they are put in the witness protection program. Well since this year we are looking at "Responsible Christianity" as our theme for 2011, I thought about us. Responsible Christianity means that we are responsible for spreading the message of Jesus but how do we do this? We do it mostly by word of mouth. We say things like God is good...... all the time.........etc. but there is another way we are responsible for this message is by living out the Christian life but how? Life is presses us on all sides; because we live in a mixed community not races but mixed faith and as Christians we basically have to enter into the witness protection program. I say that because it is in today's world very popular to love God but few are bold to stand tall but I want you to know today that you can be bold because you are in the witness protection program. Psalms 91 is one of the most recited Psalms because it speaks of the human situation. We face many hardships in life and it speaks to our hardships but the flip side is that it is God that is the supervisor of the program and we are now in His house so what are the perks? What are the perks of being in God's witness protection?

I. We live in God's house but in Jesus's shadow.

A. God's house protects us from our past. (city of refuge)

B. God's house protects us in the present (Fortress)

C. We are protected from life's foolishness. (faithful)

II. We are safe from destruction

A. Safe in the secret times (freaks come out at night)

B. Safe in the open times (everyday common struggles)

C. Safe during war time. (People at right and left)

III. Make the Lord your dwelling place

A. He will deliver you

B. He will protect you

C. He knows your name and calls you when you are in trouble

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