Family Devotions

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OK, I don’t want you to lose faith in me, but I have a confession that I have to make. When my daughter lived at home, I really struggled to establish a family devotional/teaching time. I would pray with Jenny at night, but when it came to having a family devotional time, I made many attempts, but was never able to establish it as I would have liked to. Ever since my daughter has left home, I have really questioned myself about that. I have asked myself, “Why was that so hard for me?” I think the answer, however, is more about priority than difficulty. The reason family devotions was so hard for me is because it was never a real priority. I allowed everything else to crowd out that time. You see, because my priorities were not clear, my choices were bad.

So, let me ask you, are you priorities clear. Listen, most families are committed to nothing because they are committed to everything. If your families are to succeed, it is time for us to WRITE DOWN what the most important values of your family are. Write them down!

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