Only "F"

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See this much I know: Whatever you consider to be urgent, you focus on. Now, notice I didn’t say that whatever is urgent you focus on; Whatever you consider to be urgent, you focus on. To my knowledge, I’ve only flunked one class throughout my whole college career. No it wasn’t calculus or biochemistry. You kidding? I was a musician and a ministry student. No calculus for me! I took hard stuff: like weight training! That’s right I took a gym class in lifting weights in college, can’t you tell? (don’t laugh)

I thought to myself: This should be an easy “A.” All I got to do is go down and lift for so many minutes every week. I think it ended up being, on average, about 3 hours per week to get an “A.” Piece of cake!

But it wasn’t for me! You see, to get to the weight room I had to go through the gym upstairs. I’d have on my gym clothes and be headed downstairs, but I’d be caught on the way down and end up playing basketball. In the back of my mind, I’d feel guilty and I realized that I was digging a hole it was going to be hard to get out of, but I was focused on lay-ups instead of lifting. AS the semester progressed, I knew my time was running out, but by the time I tried to do something about it, I would have had to lifted weights every waking hour. The night was far spent and the day was at hand. Finally, the day dawned, the semester ended and I got my only “F” in my whole academic career. It all had to do with what I was focused on.

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