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She never imagined it would end like that. He never saw it coming. Their marriage began as most do with high hopes and bright dreams, but in a year or so, it was all over. No, she didn’t begin to flirt with anyone at work. No, he didn’t ignore her for some flattering woman on the job. Their divorce started on television.

You see, it was the ‘80's and Cable TV was the craze. As any good capitalist would do, someone came up with the idea that a 24-hour shopping channel would be a good idea and the Home Shopping Network and QVC was born. Now I can’t imagine the appeal, but then I can’t stand to shop. For this wife, however, the appeal was irresistable. Without her husband knowing it, she ordered a host of “must have” deals. By the time he found out about her addiction, she had run up over $20,000.00 in credit card debt! That was a debt their love could not pay, and their marriage quickly ended in divorce.

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