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Listening to Atheist Richard Dawkins convinced him. He had been a Mormon, but as Richard Morgan read Dawkins’ book, The Blind Watchmaker, his faith was shattered. He became convinced that all he had been looking for through his faith was social acceptance. The book made it clear that there really was nothing “out there” to look for, so he should stop looking and get on with his life.

So he did. He said he didn’t feel like he became an atheist, he just realized that’s what he had always been. He began to communicate with other atheists on Dawkins’ website. But while he was on that website, he encountered David Robertson. Robertson was a Scottish pastor who went on the website and began to answer, chapter by chapter, Dawkins’ book called The God Delusion.

While that surprised Morgan, what surprised him even more were the responses to Robertson. They were filled with much anger, derision, and hate, even though Robertson always answered with respect . Morgan was so impressed that he began to post to the pastor’s site, telling him that, he was not an atheist because he wanted to be, but just because he could not believe in God.

The pastor responded with 2 questions that changed his life; 1)Why don’t you believe in God and 2) What would make you believe in God? Morgan dismissed the first question as dumb, but responded to the second by saying, “certainly not proof and evidence.”

At that moment, Morgan's instinctive response conjured up to his memory, probably from his previous Mormon days, the verse, “We love because he first loved us.” And in that instant, Morgan understood the expression “amazing grace.”

“I was certain without having any rational explanation that God existed, that he loved me without waiting for me to love him, that he loved me unconditionally without waiting for me to deserve it.”

“Science and philosophy are wonderful manifestations of the enormous capacities of the human mind, but the Word of God is truth, and truth is what it took to set me free,” Morgan stated. “Only a personal relationship with God can bring us to any kind of meaningful, personal, transcendental truth.”

In his renewed experience with God, he went back on the Dawkins site and posted about his newfound faith to which many replied with vile insults and commented, “You need counseling” and “This is a temporary brain infraction.”

But now, three years later, the “temporary brain infraction” Morgan was affected with continues to persist. Morgan is still amazed and feels the love of God even more now every day, being plugged into a church, which Robertson referred him to.

“I didn’t cease to know everything I knew before and I didn’t forget everything I learned about evolution or all of a sudden lose interest. I was [just] aware of how limited it was, how it could not answer man’s deepest needs.

“There’s a famous French quotation that says, ‘In every person’s heart there is a God-shaped hole.’ I am aware of the presence of this God-shaped hole and that only the love of God can fill it.”

That’s the meaning of Christmas: God didn’t send us an answer. He came Himself to be the answer and He says to you, “I can deliver you. Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man will hear my voice and open the door, I will come into him and will dine with him and he with Me.”

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