Sola Gratia Outline

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Part 2: Ephesians 2:1-10

Refresh what sola means
The 5 solas
Sola Scriptura
Scripture alone for all bible truth
Sola Gratia
Grace alone
Solus Christus
Christ alone
Sola Fide
Faith alone
Soli Deo Gloria
For the Glory of God alone
Brief recap of the reformation
What does Grace alone mean
What is Grace
Grace in Creation
God does not need us, we need God
He continuously holds everything together
Grace in patience or forbearance
Adam and Eve
Levitical sacrifices
Storing up Wrath
God’s redemptive and saving Grace
Free will?
God is sovereign over all
All things work to the glory of God
Is man’s will greater that a sovereign God?
God will save whom he wills
Potter and the clay
Vessels for honorable use and others for dishonorable use
Irresistible Grace
We cannot work ourselves to heaven
Without the Holy Spirit any work we do is garbage
We cannot save anyone, we are only messengers
No word or testimony will can deliver will be the cause of salvation or prevent salvation
The bride of Christ
All that the Father has given to Jesus
The penalty for our sins is paid
We are new creatures with new priorities
We have the Helper
Our future is secure
None will be able to remove us from his hand, not even ourselves
Without God’s Grace there is no hope
What the covenant of Grace does not mean
Free license to sin
Abolish the law
Jesus said that He was not sent to abolish the law but uphold it
He kept the law perfectly as no other human could
His righteousness is seen by God because we are in Him
Save the entire human race
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