Falling Into Babylon's Slavery Part 7 The First Key To Freedom

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I am starting a series on how we have fallen into slavery, given over to slavery by God in the hope that we may return to him. If you are serious about reading this series of messages, before you begin to read the message I would like you to take time to read the book of Judges. There is an ongoing trend with our people. Time after time after time again, we remove God from the throne and begin to serve other god’s. In each occasion God delivers us into the hands of the spoilers henceforth into slavery. God is a patient and merciful and forgiving God. This was not done at the drop of a hat, but decade’s even centuries of rebellion on our part.

In my last message in this series I launched a savage attack on the Church’s in our lands. I did so with the intention of exposing to the reader the absolute corruption and damage that these Church’s are doing today. I believe with absolute certainty that these Preachers/Priests and reverends and the whole lot of them are responsible for the Spiritual mess that we are in, refusing to teach the law and do their duty as the Lord our God required of them.

At the same time I hope that the reader will not have abandoned all love of God as a result of being deceived by these liars, throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak. If there is anyone out there feeling this way, I want you to know that we have all been deceived down our spiritual journey, me as much as anyone. It sure is not pleasant to find out everything you have been told by people you thought you trusted was a lie. However try to look upon it as a blessing, it means that God has not given you over to love lies.

See 2nd Thessalonians 2:9-11

Remember we are always learning when it comes to the Bible, and that is what Part 7 is about, the first key to our freedom is the Bible and its correct teachings.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 KJV 1611

Such a short little verse but it really does hit the nail on the head!

The Bible has been under attack for countless number of decades by our enemies. They know that you cannot enslave Bible believing People. Our true understanding of the Word and Godly men teaching it goes hand in hand together.

The Bible is under a two pronged attack today.

One is by these so called “Atheists” who try to create contradictions and not only attack God but his Law also. The Bible warns against this in several sections about denying there is a God and of course denying Christ.

See Psalm 14:1 and 2nd Peter 3:4

There are other references but for time’s sake I will not mention them now.

The second attack is what the Churches are doing, twisting the Word.

I’ve covered this in great detail in the last message.

Please See 2nd Timothy 3:13

The Koran is not under attack, neither is the worshiping of Buddha attacked, a so called god who talks about discipline and self control despite looking like he weighs on the nearer side of 600lbs!!!!!

Now why do they keep attacking the Bible and they seem so set on blaspheming the Word and doing their upmost to discredit it although they have never been able to. The reason why they have focused their efforts so heavily on destroying the Bible is that the slave masters who rule you do not want you to believe the Bible and the Law of God as this would break the chains of slavery and lead you once again to freedom. True freedom, not the illusion by sorcery you’re being held in today.

Jesus Christ said “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” See Matthew 24:35 KJV 1611

They have not and will not be able to destroy the Word. They will never be able to destroy the Word. It is water so needed to our thirsty souls.

See John 4:14

The Prophet Isaiah, apart from Prophesising the Birth of Christ hundreds of years before the event took place, see Isaiah Chapter 53

Not only this but Isaiah also knew that the world indeed was not flat but round, see Isaiah 40:22

These are just a few of the accurate prophecies outlined in the Bible, You only have to breeze through Deuteronomy 28 and when you read the curses you will quickly see that once again the Bible is accurate.

Let me caution you by stating that obedience to the Word is key here, you can say you believe it but without obedience are rather like saying “I believe that truck is going to hit me if I don’t get off the road.” However you can believe that but unless you actually get off the road, that truck is still going to hit you.

The Bible is very clear, if we obey, we are blessed if we disobey we are cursed.

It starts with obeying Christ and what he did for us and how we are required to receive that gift and become a Christian. As babes in Christ so desperately need the pure Milk of the word before they can grow and get into the meat.

So you must also be in Christ before you can be in the blessings.

First is Belief, it always starts with belief but does not end there.

You must repent and confess your faith and be baptized for remission of sins.

As the men of old trembled and asked the Holy Spirit filled Apostle Peter what they should do. Thereby believing and confessing faith, St. Peter replied and said “Repent, and be Baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

Acts 2:37, 38

Until you understand Acts 2:37, 38 you cannot pass unto the meat of the word, you cannot be filled with the Holy Ghost. Believe the Bible, repent and be baptized to become a Christian and Obey the Lord your God and the chains will begin to fall off. Armed with the sharp two edged sword, see Hebrews 4:12

In the next two messages which will be the last of the series, I will show you that through the Liberty of Gods law is how we will pass from his curses to his blessings and how we will pass from slavery back to freedom.


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