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Lighthouse and Rescue

Along a certain seacoast that was known to be very dangerous there stood a lone little lighthouse with a volunteer rescue squad, and although the lighthouse was weather-beaten and old the members of that rescue squad were proud of their reputation of being willing the risk life and limb to go into the deep to rescue those who floundered on the dangerous sea.

After many years someone decided the lighthouse was old and obsolete and needed to be replaced by a newer and more modern one, a vote was taken, and a plea was made to the community the funds were raised and soon construction was begun on a new ultramodern facility to replace the old dilapidated one. More rooms were built to enhance the social interaction of the squad members and the building became a very elaborate clubhouse.

Soon the lighthouse club became the meeting place for the community. Squad members spent a good deal of their time preparing for social activities, and cleaning up after social activities, and engaging in social activities, and it was not long before no one was very interested in going out to rescue the perishing. Since the lighthouse and club had rescue in its mission, a specialized squad was hired to do this work. This worked well for a while, it seem however a promotion for a specialized member was to be elevated to work in the social activities rather than to seek rescue missions.

One cold raining night the specialized squad was summoned to a nasty shipwreck off the coast; they got to the scene and returned with dozens of victims of the shipwreck. The bleeding and the dirty were brought into the elaborate clubhouse. Some were black, brown, yellow, and many didn’t seem to care very much about the elaborate setting to which they had been brought.

In the next meeting of the club a vote was taken to build a bathhouse away from the clubhouse to clean up the wreck victims before they were brought inside. Someone stated that the mission of the lighthouse was to rescue those wrecked at sea. Someone replied that if you want to do that then go down the coast a ways and build your own lighthouse.

This was done and before long that lighthouse also began to get old and decayed. New discoveries made it obsolete. Plans were made to build a more modern one, which also became an elaborate club. Today one may visit that seacoast and there are many elaborate clubs along the seashore each with squad members and a lighthouse. Today there are still a lot of accidents and shipwrecks on the coast. Unfortunately most of the victims drown.

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