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Study Text: Ruth 1:6-18

- Action speaks louder than words and they reveal the heart condition better. Your attitude and character can attract people to you and to your God, and they can make people to be far from you and to the God you serve.

- Winning a soul to the kingdom will not be effective, unless there is evidence of a life of the kingdom. People want to see you practising everything you preached in the word of God.

- Godly character is a means of showing example to others and will serve as training for willing souls.

- We shall consider this study under 3 sub-headings:

1] The Essence of Godly Character.

2] The Evidence of Godly Character.

3] The Enemies of Godly Character.

1] The Essence of Godly Character

1. It is a commandment from the Lord. 2 Pet 3:11-12

- God has commanded that all His children sholud live soberly, godly and holily in this world, so that they can qualify to reign with Him when they leave this world.

2. It is the lifestyle of Jesus. Phil 2:5

- If godliness is a lifestyle of Jesus, then all Christ’s followers are to follow after His example unless they do not belong to Him.

3. It is a key to the door of blessing. Ps 1:1-3

- Godly living will make a man to experience uncommon favour, blessings and breakthrough in this world and in the one to come.

4. It is a protective weapon against the economy. Eph 6:10-12

- All the components of the whole armour of God is talking about righteousness and godly living. If anyone is missing in the life of a believer, he will suffer attack from the enemy.

5. It is a condition to get to heaven.

- Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. Every one that has a hope of being with Christ at the end of this world should be pure even as He is pure.

2] The Evidence of Godly Character

- The evidence is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:22-26. All the components of the fruit of the Spirit must be present and seen in our lives before we can be said to be godly.

- Lack of evidence result in grieving the Spirit, and such lives can not attract other people to the kingdom of God.

- If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, it must manifest in your character and in a peaceful relationship with all men.

- Winning soul cannot be possible without the Holy Spirit. This is because:

1. It is the Holy Spirit that will inspire the preacher and give him the right word to speak at the right time.

2. It is the Holy Spirit that will prepare a soul to listen to the word of God and to believe towards salvation.

3. It is the Holy Spirit that will arrange a meeting between the soul winner and the soul

4. It is the Holy Spirit that will strenghten the soul so as to show forth the fruits of a new life in Christ.

3] The Enemies of Godly Character:

- Certain behaviuors and attitude will not make a godly life feasible and they must be cheked and guided against.

1. Lukewarmness in spiritual life. All forms of carelessness in spiritual activities will lead to a life of sin and will hinder a godly lifestyle. Lukewarmness can be in various forms

- In prayer, both personally and congregationally

- In studying, listening to and obeying the the word of God

- In personal fellowship with God

2. Unfaithfulness in fellowship with believers. People that are not faithful in their fellowship with godly people will also not be faithful in living a life pleasing unto God. We can see this unfaithfulness in:

- Irregular attendance in Church meetings

- Inactive participation in truly spiritual activities within the local assembly

- A fault finding spirit against the leadership and othe members of the assembly.

3. Keeping ungodly friends and association.

- Your friends have a great influence on your behaviour and your character. Every one that wish to please Godwith his or her life must be careful in selecting his or her friends.

4. Unwillingness to follow good examples and take godly counsel.

- It is one thing to have godly people arround you, and it is another thing to be willing to follow their good examples and godly counsel.

- This will make a man to be far away from godliness, and such a life can not attract other people to the kingdom of God.

5. Surrendering to the desires and dictates of the flesh.

- If one fails to walk in the Spirit, one is bound tofulfil the desires of the flessh which are against godliness.

Conclusion: God intends your life to be profitable to His kingdom. Your character and attitude must be able to win souls for Christ and to encourage those that are in the kingdom to abide in the will of God.

We must recognize those things that can keep us away from the will of God and from a life of holiness and guide aginst them in our lives.

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