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Study Text:1 Cor 4:1-2

- We are ministers and stewards of God and we must be accountable unto Him.

- The masters business and property are committed unto us. They are not our own but His, so we can only use them in a way that will please Him.

- The assignments given to us as His servants include:

1. The saving of the lost by preaching to them. Matt 28:18-19

2. The building of disciples for Him through regular teachings and follow-up. Matt 28:20

3. The raising of faithful ministers by identifying them, encouraging them and building them up. 2 Tim 2:1-2

- (Shall be able: Competent, Sufficient, Adequate, Worthy, Qualified by gift, Knowledge, character and Lifestyles to teach others also).

4. The preservation of the saints through regular fellowship and teaching of the word of God. Heb 3:12-14

- Faithfulness is required from all the servants without compromise.

- With it:- there shall be ccommendations and blessings

- Without it:- there shall be ccondemnation and Judgment.

We shall work into the study under 3 headings.

1] The Definition of Faithfulness

2] The Development of Faithfulness

3] The Destruction of Faithfulness

1] The Definition of Faithfulness Matt 25:14-28

- It means to be reliable, loyal, trustworthy and dependable.

1. Taking time to understand the task required.

2. Doing the task well at the right time, in a right way and in the right place.

3. Doing the task whole heartedly without murmuring or complaining.

4. Doing the task without strife or competition but complementing others.

5. Doing the task committedly without eye service or men pleasing.

2] The Development of Faithfulness

1. Desire and determine to be faithful unto God in all He require you to do.

2. Crucify the flesh and yield to the Holy Spirit.

3. Maintain an effective prayer life.

4. Be committed to the study, meditation and doing of the word of God.

5. Have an excellent Spirit. Dan 6:3

6. Carefully select your close associate or your mentor

7. Be steadfast in a healthy fellowship with believers.

3] The Destruction of Faithfulness

Some of the things that can reduce your faithfulness or that we make you an unfaithful servant include:

1. The desire to be noticed, recognised or praised by others

2. The thought of being used or cheated by others while you are doing the work of God.

3. Selfishness: the thought of’ ‘it is not mine’.

4. Inferiority or superiority complex when you compare youself to others

- Feeling too low or too high compare with others.

5. Giving in to discouragement because of one or more of the following:

1. Due to the attitude of others.

2. Due to certain challenges.

3. Due to opposition or persecution.

4. Due to poor results.

- There are blessings for faithful servants in this world and in the one to come.

- There is condemnation and punishment for all unfaithful servants.

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