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STUDY TEXT: Psalm 124:6-8

- A snare is a device that is secretly but strategically set up to capture a targeted subject.

- Sometimes, something attractive to the target is used as bait, so that the subject will get in there to eat, and the get entrapped.

The intention of the fowler is to keep the bird for decoration, or to kill for food, or sometimes sell for money. The devil is the fowler who is setting a snare for those redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and sometimes he will use some attractive bait to catch the attention of the believer.

- The snare limits the movement and detained the bird to be at the mercy of the fowler. The devil is interested in capturing the believer to make him to be his slave so a s not to fulfill the purpose of God for his life.

- We shall look at this study under two subheadings:

1. Describing the snare of the fowler.

2. Destroying the snare of the fowler.


There are certain experiences one face in life that should give the indication that one is already in the snare of the devil. You need to critically examine your life and watch out for one or more of the following experiences. This should call for a fervent prayer with fasting in order to destroy this snare and for your soul to escape.

1. When you are constantly falling into a sin you do not wish to commit.

-After giving your life to Christ for over two years, you still notice that certain sins you do not wish to commit are still clinging to you. Each time you fall into it, you will weep and feel so bad, but after a while you see yourself in the same mess again. This represents a snare of the devil that needs to be broken. For instance some people are held bound in masturbation, fornication, stealing or various kinds of unrighteous acts and it is difficult for them to be set at liberty.

2. When you appear to be making progress but reverting back to the starting point.

-When the life a man looks like a goat that that is tied with a rope and the goat can only move in a distance that is allowed by the rope and latter gets back to the starting point. There appear to be progress in one aspect of life, but latter return to the zero level. For instance when you had a delay in marriage, and after a while you got married and few years after your partner died, or you face a terrible crisis leading to breakage, and you have to be in search of a partner again. Or a case where you have searched for a job for a long time, and after getting one, a problem occur and you have to lose that job and be in search again. When things begin to happen in this way, there is already a snare of the devil that needed to be broken.

3. When you are stagnant and unable to move forward in one area or the other.

-Some people’s lives are characterized with delay and stagnancy. There can be delay in marriage or in child bearing after marriage, a delay in getting admissions into school or getting a job after leaving school. Some other people’s case is a stagnant project that never sees the light of the day after a long time, or has no success recorded despite continuous serious effort to succeed that is put in place. Experiencing this kind of failure is an indication of a snare of the devil holding one’s life bound, and until there is total liberty, nothing good can come out of that life.

4. When you always see yourself in a lower position then you are in real life.

-If you are always seeing yourself in a dream in a situation worse or lower than you are actually are in real life, or you are seeing yourself in a primary school when you are already in a university or even graduated. Some people see them selves as a wretched man in dream when they are actually wealthy person in life, or doing a servant dirty jobs in dreams when they are highly placed officials in real life. Dream like these are showing that there is a snare of the devil that has to be broken

5. When good things happen to you in dreams but not manifesting in life.

-The other side of it is to be experiencing all manner of good thins and breakthroughs in your dream but they never manifest in your real life. You are building houses, getting married, having children, occupying good positions in dream when your life is a direct opposite of what you are seeing. You will also need to pray seriously for the snare of the devil to be broken over your life.

6. When you cannot get commensurate result or profit for the labor you put in.

-You are really working hard and doing all that is necessary to achieve great results in some areas of your life, yet only little or no good results are coming out for you. You may even have a better opportunity than others in similar situations, yet you are always remaining backward, you should know that a snare of the devil is holding you back and the yoke has to be broken.

7. Fellowshipping with dead people in the dreams, seeing coffins, graves yard or being buried.

-Any forms of dealing with people known to be dead in reality during your dreams, or seeing people carrying coffins, seeing grave yards is a snare of the devil. You may also see yourself or someone else sees you being killed, or buried in a dream. Some may also see themselves getting married to a dead person or having sex with a dead person. These are all attacks with the spirit of death, but the yoke can be destroyed through fervent prayers.

8. All forms of sexual harassment in your dreams and forced feeding.

-When you are having sex in your dreams either with somebody known to you or not, and then you see yourself producing all the secretions in actual sex even in real life, it is a snare of the devil, either you are in a covenant with spirit husband or spirit wife, or an attempt of the devil to sap you spiritually and make you weak in your prayers. Moreover whenerver you are been forced-fed in your dream, sometimes with food you will not normally eat in real life, for instance eating raw meat, drinking blood, or eating food stained with blood. Dreams like these are showing the activities of the fowler keeping you captive in one area or the other. By the grace of God, I was sharing this in a meeting in Kenya, and the following day a brother came to me and narrated hoe some people were forcing food into his mouth in a dream and how he struggle with then to no avail. In the dream, he said the food forced into his mouth had some bones which hooked his throat. Then when he woke up he started feeling pains in the throat as if a bone has hooked the throat. He was prayed for by the power of the Holy Spirit and the yoke was totally destroyed.

9. Facing regular oppositions and absence of favour

-There are people that will always face opposition in any step they take to move forward in life. Most of the times they see this oppositions in their dreams, like being pursued by masquerades, dangerous animals or even human beings chasing them with dangerous weapons, and this oppositions manifesting physically in their lives. It will be difficult for such people to receive favour even in little things. This is the activity of anti-favour spirits, and the snare has to be broken for those under their bondages to be free.

10. Experiencing the activities of devourer in your finances.

-The activities of the devourer includes running business at a loss, experiencing frequent damages, loses or wastage. The most prominent ones is whenever savings is made for something good to be achieved with the money, an alternative bad or negative things that will necessitate the diversion of the money will take place. Such people are seen to be making money, but have no records of good things achieved with it.


The Bible says the snare can be broken and our soul can totally escaped. I pray that in any way your soul has been tied by the snare of the devil, the power of the Holy Spirit will destroy the yoke in Jesus name and your soul will receive total liberty to fulfill purpose and destiny in Jesus name. But for the snare to be destroyed and for your soul to escape, certain steps are necessary to be taken, some of which are discussed below.

1. The new birth and confession of all known sins.

It is only when you are born again, that you are entitled to Kingdom benefits, one of which is total liberty. The Bible says if the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. Colossians 1:13-14: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins. Any unconfessed and unrepented sin will bring bondage, sorrow and satanic oppressions, but forgiveness and liberty can only be received through the Blood of Jesus. Friend, if you are reading this message, and you are not born-again, God is willing to save you if you are willing. He promised to safe anyone that comes to Him no matter how great their sins are. Confess your sins unto Him and invite Jesus into your heart and receive Him as your Lord and personal saviour. When that is settled in your life, you become His child, and then you can begin to ask Him to destroy the snare of the devil in your life. John 1:11-13: He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

2. Release all satanic properties with you to be destroyed.

-Cancel all former agreements with false prophets and occultist people. If you still have their properties with you, pray very well and release all to a servant of God to destroy. A man came to our meeting one day for deliverance, but was still keeping a special perfume he received from a false prophet in his house. To the glory of God, this secrete was revealed and he was asked to go and bring this material. We burnt it in fire before he could totally be set free. Release all satanic objects and materials within your reach for prayer. These include all objects given to you for power, protection, or good fortune.

3. Renounce all know and unknown covenants with the devil.

-You will need to plea the blood of Jesus on your self and separate yourself from any covenant you might have entered into yourself or those entered into on your behalf either consciously or unconsciously.

4. Pray seriously with fasting and present yourself for deliverance.

-You can fast and pray for yourself taking all the above steps. But it is advisable that you also present yourself to be prayed for in deliverance under a Holy ghost-filled servant of God.

5. Maintain a good relationship with God in a life of holiness. Most people can not maintain their deliverance because they fail to live a life above sin. Sin will separate a man from God and thus give the devil a legal ground in such life. To enjoy total liberty, you must therefore surrender yourself to holy living, and then be consistent in a fervent prayerful life. It is also necessary for you to be a faithful and committed member of a Bible-believing Church and be regular in church attendance, peaceful relationship with other members, and giving yourself to the service of the Lord.

6. Bind the strongman behind the snare

The Bible says no one can take the possessions of a strong man unless he first of all binds the strong man. There is a strong man in charge of every snare the devil use to hold you captive, and he must be rendered powerless by binding him with the chains of the Holy Ghost.

- The strong man may be stubborn if:

1. It is on avenging mission. That is when you or your forefathers had done something he can hold on and he is trying to avenge at all cost. But the Bible say the Blood of Jesus speaks better things, because It speaks mercy than the blood of Abel which is crying for vengeance.

2. It is on killing mission. When the strong man has been sent to kill his subject, he may become very stubborn until he kills. But Jesus has come to destroy all the works of the devil in the lives of all that will believe in Him. John 10:10: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

3. It is under a covenant. If there is a covenant that is not broken the strong man will be very stubborn. We need to pray for God to reveal all unknown covenants and then to break them

4. It can see their properties with you. If you want to bind the strong man, he must not see you in possession of any property that belongs to their kingdom.

5. It can see your disobedience and sins. The demons can see you sins and disobedience and they can afflict you as a result of these. To bind the strong man you must do it with the righteousness of God which can only come through the cleansing of the Blood of Jesus.

-In conclusion, you will need to pray warfare prayer. Although it can be prayed at any time, but it is better prayed during the night while denying yourself of sleep. This is because most attacks from the devil takes place during the night. As you pray, you must depend on the Holy Spirit; only by His power can the snare be broken. Then when you are set free, you have to escape fast and don’t allow yourseil to be taken captive any longer.

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