JUDE (2)

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Most of Jude’s short letter is steeped in OT and what scholars call pseudepigrapha:

Anonymous writings that were attributed to famous or authoritative figures from the past to lend additional authority or credibility to the writing—often written by the dead person’s disciples based on what they taught (or supposedly taught).

Jude refers to several OT texts and two of these anonymous writings. Through careful research both of the anonymous writings have been recreated, giving scholars and students further insight into Jewish thinking of the era surrounding the events of Jesus’
VS 5-11
Jude offers several illustrations, drawn from the Jewish Scriptures, reminding his readers of the judgment all false teachers will face.
a). The Exodus vs 5
Number 14
This incident describes the refusal of God’s people to enter the Promised Land. God had proven Himself over and over to His people. Their stubborn refusal led to the death of an entire generation - (Numbers 14:26-35)
b). Fallen Angels vs
Genesis 6 (HCSB)
In the era of
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