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Galatians 6:1-10
College students helped us move into our house. We looked at all they did and were amazed because we couldn’t have done it ourselves. We need biblical community.
Main Idea: Walking in the Spirit restores community and results in eternity.
The previous section was about the fruit of the Spirit and works of the flesh. We learned the works of the flesh cause division among the body of Christ.
Truth #1: Walking in the Spirit restores community
Exp. Now, Paul gives instruction on what to do when someone falls into sin. Verse 1-2. Transgression = violation. Know where the line is. Command is to restore. Restore = furnish completely.
Ill. Restoration shows. They not only get it working, but making it look nice.
Exp. What we do for others. We don’t just turn them in the direction of growth, we get them to the finish line together. How do we do it?
Gently - Calling out the sin in others isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes grace and truth.
Cautiously - Required to jump in their mess. Without caution, we could be led astray.
Exp. This fulfills the law of Christ. What is the law of Christ? Counterpart to law of Moses. Law of Christ = Jesus’ actions and teachings that are reproduced by his people through the Spirit. Fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:33, “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”
Exp. Paul addresses the pride in each of us. Verse 3. That verse is as harsh as it sounds. If you think you are too good to help restore someone, you’re deceiving yourself. Why? You have your own baggage. Answer for that in the end.
Christ - In Christ, you have been restored to the father. Maybe Christ has provided someone to walk with you through your mess. Jesus unites us in Christian fellowship.
Ill. Jerry Lewis and Andrew Walker. They were this for me. Calling me out so that I could be restored.
App. How do we do this?
Get in Christian community. Starter group Sundays at 5pm.
Be willing to hear truth.
Be willing to speak truth.
Truth #2: Walking in the Spirit results in eternity
Exp. Paul gives an eschatological view of our works. Verses 4-5. You got your own load to carry. You will have to answer for yourself in the end. The only time to boast in our works will be when we see Jesus. Not boast in a bragging way, but giving an account for them. One thing to account for is generosity. Specifically financial. Verse 6. Instructions on financially taking care of teachers.
App. Giving at MOC has been good. Exceeded budget needs so far. Thank you for giving. We are aiming at more giving to potentially add staff. For those who aren’t, this is something you have to answer for.
Exp. Verse 7. mocked = ridiculed. Pulls back from generosity to make a comment about God. Why is Paul warning them about God not being mocked? They might not take seriously the warning of sin found in the Scriptures. Verse 8. Corruption = better translated destruction. Eternal destruction. Spirit reaps eternal life.
Ill. Agricultural language. Sowing and reaping. If you plant apple seeds, you’ll grow an apple tree. You will not see an orange tree. If you sow seeds of sin, you will not see the fruit of the Spirit. You will see eternal destruction.
Arg. This passage is used for prosperity gospel teaching. However, this passage does not discuss reaping immediate fruit, but an eternal one. This is a passage built on an eschatological view. Is eternal life gleaned from works? No.
Christ - Eternal life is given through Jesus. Jesus secures our eternity. But then why is Paul stating this? As Paul has noted earlier in this letter: If you choose sin, you deny Jesus. Denying Jesus reaps destruction and eternal judgment. Accepting Jesus, walking in the Spirit, brings eternal life with him in heaven.
App. So what do we do now? Verses 9-10. It is easy to grow weary of doing good. If we don’t see fruit within days or weeks, we tend to give up. This is a marathon. Another reason Christian community is necessary: we need each other to help us stay on task. Exodus 17. Moses held his arms. Aaron and Hur held his arms up. This is what we need. We need each other because our arms get tired. Tired of choosing good. Tired of saying no to ourselves. Don’t grow weary.
Christian Community looks like:
Long-term discipleship. Discipleship is not overnight.
Close fellowship. There is a oneness with those you are walking beside. Tragedies and celebrations will bring you close.
Spiritual restoration. Over time, restoration will continue to occur. Over the course of your life.
Exp. Without Christian Community, none of these can occur.
Get connected. Either here or somewhere.
Join group
Restore others
Give generously
Walk in the Spirit
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