The Creation of Woman

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Genesis 2:21-25
Over the last several weeks, we have read and studied and seen how God created man, gave him a home, a job, and food.
But there was still missing in God’s eyes. Man needed a companion. As we come to last part of chapter two, we find God going through the process of providing Adam a mate.
Now remember, God planned this out, he saw the need, and then he planned to meet that need, and here in these verses we see how God provides the answer.
So, let read this text, and see what God did here, and how these verses apply to our lives today.
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When we read this passage, we find how God is making the woman. The one who will be that help-meet that the Bible describes to us.
Now as we read these verses, we find a series of steps and events that occur. Let first take notice of what we find in verse 21…
The Nap of the Spouse (vs 21)
· Now back in verse 18, God made the statement how it was not good for man to be alone, and how God said he would make him a help meet.
· And it is over the next two verses, that God formulates how this will be done. And so, as we come to verse 21, we find that process being revealed.
· God brings a deep sleep on Adam. Now I failed to mention in last week’s study, that verse 19, is the first time we read the name of man. He is called Adam.
· Who gave him this name, well, God gave him this name. And Adam means “man”, some also take it to mean ground.
· So, God brings a deep sleep onto Adam. And what we find here is medical science being displayed.
· The earliest account of anesthesia, God places the man into unconsciousness to perform this operation.
· Now many would say that anesthesia came into understanding around the 1840s. But in reality it came in here in Genesis 2.
· For thousands of years, when surgery was done, people would often times be awake. Surgery was a painful process, where people would have to be strapped down, restrained with others, biting down onto leather straps and pieces of wood.
· It was a difficult process. But God shows here in the scripture, that a person who is in a deep sleep can undergo a surgical procedure.
· Now this procedure is to take a rib from man, it is a removal of part of man.
· Now there is a popular myth that has gone around for a long time, and the myth is that men have one less rib than women.
· This is untrue. Men and women have 24 ribs. Now if you want to make that myth work, then you would just need to say that man started off with 25 ribs.
· But that is stretching.
· So, God performs the first operation in the Bible. And what we find here, is the first association as God as the great physician.
· Understand, that God not only knows what you need spiritually, he knows what you need physically.
· He knew that man needed someone, someone who would be by his side. Someone he could rely upon. Someone who understood where he was from.
· God does this by performing this operation and taking this rib from man.
· And then we find that God closed up the flesh. There is no scars, there are no stitches, there are no staples, or any surgical glues. God performs a flawless operation.
· And when he is done, he brings a complete healing to Adam.
· Now how does this verse apply to us today? Well, I think it speaks to us in the sense, that first we must be reliant on God to provide for us what we need.
· Adam needed that mate, and God was faithful to provide.
· Secondly, we should depend upon God with our health. While we may have earthly physicians who are very talented. It is the Heavenly Father who truly is the physician we can trust.
· And then, the final thing I would say about this verse, is that God does not leave things undone.
· He did not leave the man exposed to the world. He closed up the flesh. He completed the job in Adam.
· God is not one to neglect the care for his child. He will make sure that they are attended and that the work that God does on that person is not left undone to become infected or diseased.
· It is not neglected. God closed up the man and brings a healing upon him. So, we see the nap of the spouse. This now brings us to the next verse…
The Nature of the Spouse (vs 22)
· Now the verse says that God takes this rib and he makes a woman from it.
· Now this is the first time we read the word woman. In chapter 1, they are called male and female.
· She is similar, but yet she is different.
· She is not made the same way that Adam was, she is made different. And I think this speaks to us on a variety of levels.
· First, understand that the design of the woman is not the same in the sense of a man.
· Her structure is different. Women typically have a smaller skeletal structure. Women are typically shorter than men.
· It isn’t to say that a woman cannot be tall, it is to say, that typically they are not the same size of men.
· And there is a reason behind that.
· A woman’s structure, is designed for carrying children. A man is not. That is why a woman will have wider hips, to deliver the child.
· God didn’t make the woman the same way as man, because he wanted her to be capable of doing things that the man cannot.
· Now there are a lot of differences between the sexes. But don’t get the idea that a woman is inferior to man.
· She isn’t, in what God has designed her to do, she is superior to man. But there are things that men are superior over women at.
· For instance, what is one of the biggest debates going on right now between men and women? If men can compete in women sports.
· What are we finding? We are finding these so-called males who think they are women beating out the biological women in competition.
· And you know why they are winning? Because they are built differently than women.
· God didn’t make men and women the same. He made them differently for a purpose.
· Now I don’t agree with this transgender movement that is taking place in our country.
· But friend, I will tell you this as well, I don’t agree with the feminist movement either.
· Now before you ladies start pulling hymnbooks, listen, I am not saying that a woman should not have equal rights in this country.
· I’m not saying that a woman cannot work, cannot vote, cannot run for office or anything like that.
· But what I am saying, is that women should stop trying to be compared to a man, and start being who God called them to be, and that is women.
· When women who protest and march, and picket and demonstrate, because they want to be seen the same as men. That’s wrong.
· Women you’re not the same as men. You’re women.
· Understand you are not inferior to men, you are different than men. And that is because God made you differently.
· Now God makes the woman, and then what do we find, we find that God brings her to the man.
· Okay, this is something I think people all over need to pay attention to. God makes a woman for the man, and he brings her to him.
· God did not make another man for Adam, he made a woman. Now I know in many families there are those who are same-sex relationships.
· And they will say that God made them that way. That is not how God made you. As we see God made us to be with the opposite sex.
· You never find in the scripture where God made a person to live like this. It is not his design.
· Now I know that this is hard for some of us to accept. You might have a dear family member who is like this. And they want you to support them in it.
· Friend, what you need to do is to support them with the word of God, in love. And show them the error of their way.
· Remember, what we must do is rely on God to bring us our mate. God brought Adam his mate, and God will bring you the right mate as well.
· Now this brings us to the third thing that we find…
The Naming of the Spouse (vs 23)
· As we read here, Adam now has been introduced to the female, and here in this verse is when we find the official name for the female being given. Woman.
· This verse begins with Adam making a profound statement in regards to her.
· Now this is the first recorded words of Adam. And what we read him saying, once again gives substance to the mentality of the first man.
· He is intelligent, he has insight, he recognizes who God is. Don’t think Adam to be dumb or naïve. He is a man who has understanding.
· He says this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And what he is doing here is recognizing this woman as one who isn’t like the animals. She isn’t some strange creature.
· There is a sense of familiarity about her. She is similar in ways in appearance. She isn’t unlike man, she has things that are just like him.
· This mate that God has made, doesn’t come from some distant world. It is not evolved from some animal that resides in the world.
· This woman, comes by the hands of God through the flesh and bones of Adam. They are connected.
· And that is what we truly find Adam saying in this statement. There is a connection about us.
· When it comes to your spouse, to that one that God has placed in your life, there should be a connection that goes beyond the surface, beyond the physical beauty.
· A connection that lies within the flesh and bones. Now I know this to be true, because I tell Lisa, I know I get uglier each year, and she still is there for me.
· Now the verse continues on, and we find that Adam calls her woman, and he gives us the reason why he calls her this. Because she was taken out of man.
· Don’t miss what we are reading here as well, God makes a woman. This is a grown individual. She isn’t a little child. Just like Adam is not a little boy. They are adults.
· And Adam recognizes this is the one God has made for him. And so he gives this name.
· Now remember what Adam’s job was before we read this? To name the animals. He had a responsibility, and by him given her this name, he is saying you are now my responsibility.
· By given her this name, or designation, he is saying you are a part of me, and I am responsible for you.
· Now that is important, because this will be challenged in chapter 3.
· So, he calls her Woman, and a better translation here for Adam would be WOAH MAN. Because I believe it was love at first sight.
· We he locked eyes on her, he was instantly in love with her.
· Now if you are here, and God has blessed you with a mate, be grateful for what God has done.
· Today, we find a society of people who do not seek the Lord for their mate, and that often leads to failed marriages.
· God has the right one for you, and it is important that we see them for who they really are.
· That here is a person, who God made just for me. That compliments me and is here to help me.
· Now we have more to this passage, that we will conclude with next week.
The Nuptials for the Spouse (vs 24)
The Nakedness with the Spouse (vs 25)
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