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Prayer Breakfast Devotional
Kicking off the New Year gives people an opportunity to pursue new ambitions.
As believers, it provides us a time of recalibration.
The busyness of life and stress of trials can often cause us to become distracted and self-reliant.
My challenge for you this morning is to resolve to make 2024 a year where you are a man of the Word.
Let’s look at Psalm 119 a little bit and see how the Psalmist viewed the Word of God.
As we do, you can take a personal inventory of your heart and life to see if you line up with what he is saying.
After I provide an observation from the text, I am going to give a thought of reflection.
This is a good discipline to have while reading the Scriptures for personal edification.
Read verses 1-8
v. 1-3: the man who seeks the testimonies of God (i.e. His Word) and lives by them is blessed.
As I choose to live my life by the Word of God, do I think of myself as blessed? Or is it a burden to me to live differently from the world?
v. 4-5: the Psalmist desires to have his ways be steadfast (I.e. have his life be established) in the keeping of God’s Word.
Do I desire to live my life according to God’s Word? Or do I prefer to live for my own comfort and the acceptance from men?
v. 7: in the pursuit of knowing God through His Word, the Psalmist will praise Him as he learns more.
Learning about God can be tedious from time to time; am I praising Him for what He is teaching me despite how “exciting” it is?
Now, I am going to assign you a portion of the Psalm.
Read it, and make 3 observations pertaining to the Word of God that you can share with the group.
NOTE: a thought of reflection is not necessary, but is welcome if you have one.
Give about 10 minutes for people to read and reflect on the passages.
Give about 10-15 minutes for discussion of their findings.
I have found in my life that there is no greater blessing than getting to know our Creator and Redeemer through His Word.
Make 2024 a year where you are a man of the Word.
Close in prayer
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