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The Good Owner and Wicked Tenants

Text: Matthew 21:33-46

The good owner who made a wonderful vineyard and did what he could do the best of all. He can not take care of his vineyard for some reasons he gave this good and well taken vineyard to tenants. There might be some kind of agreement between the owner and the tenants. The tenants suppose to give share to the owner every year.

Isaiah 5:1-5 gives us different story about the vineyard. Jewish nation is God's vineyard. He took care of them above all nations and he protected from all other nations. He is good God to them and a wonderful owner of his vineyard.

In both Gospel and Isaiah, the good care of the owner is described. He fenced it, gathered out the stones and planted it with the good vine and built tower to safe guard it. In this parable Jesus explained how God has taken care of his people of Israel as his own vineyard. He gave them judges and kinds to protect them. And handover it the leaders of Jewish people. He wants form them good share as legally and want from them good fruits. As Isaiah the people of Israel gave him wild fruits instead of good fruits .

In the parable, they want to make it as their own, when the owner sent for his share, killed his servants and did not want give the owners share legally. Finally, when he sent his won son to demand his share, they killed him out of the vineyard. They may think that the owner do not come back to claim his vineyard because of their terror acts. But the owner is more powerful than them and came and punished them.

The Day of Judgement has come to the wicked tenants, the owner of the vineyard came. Isaiah gave good description of the punishment what the people of Israel in the history that they experienced we know now. The kings of Babylon, Parisian and Romans and even Muslims destroyed them. God left them for their unfaithfulness to him. And finally God gave his vineyard to other tenants who are faithful to Him, they are the Church, who are repented and baptized in the name of Jesus and produce good fruits.

God the Holy Spirit is taking care of His Church in the world. Who do not produce good fruits of repentance will be removed in the Church and He always with the faithful Christians.

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