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Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome, welcome to Proclamation Church on behalf of all the members and families and friends of proclamation church. We want to walk from you today to this Sunday service. Thank you for being on with this today. We want to ask that you just relaxing here from the Lord as he speaks to us in our sermon series call the Trinity. I'm so excited about it. Love preaching about Jesus Christ and the father and the Holy Spirit. So today is it's a it's a blessed treat that God is speaking to us is going to Enlighten us about his son Jesus Christ, give us all the information that we need basically so that we can walk and understand this foundational truth of the understanding the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity. So I'm glad you're here with us today. I am so glad that you're here with us today. I wish there were many many more that would listen to this but I am glad that you are here and I just pray that God would Enlighten you Enlighten us. Give us more information more father that we could do more for him and be great for him in this world. This is not awesome opportunity for us to be together. I know it's virtual but this is even still a blessing God has given us his capabilities this technology where we can come together and worship him over these these bits and bites. This is digital platform is so awesome that he allows this to happen. So thank you for being on I pray that you would take this moment serious, but you're not about out and about doing whatever you do, but you're you're you're making this be your day of worship that you're worshipping with him at this time. You're here creating your own little Sanctuary where you're you're sitting in it and worshiping and praising him listening to him as he speaks to you and then that you're praying I'm a prayer when it's time for you to offer of your concerns to him. So let me pray with you and I pray with us all and then we'll get started with the praise and worship. I am so excited about going into the sermon lesson today. So probably just thank you so much for another opportunity has to be before you thank you for all who are on today touch the hearts and Minds be with them be with us all guys except it's all to know that with you. All things are possible got that you are with us that you'd given us understanding of who you are not not completely but you giving us an understanding who you are to your word and thank you God for allowing us to glean from you. What it is. You want us to know for the day open our hearts and our minds to this truth that you're giving us concerning the Trinity help us God to walk in this foundational truth so we can build on it next week grow and glow more for you in Christ the Lord. Thank you for all her own bless the families that represent in here just asked to get in touch with all today. Touch with your truth and that we will walk We would walk they're in thank you God we have some Christ name it together. We all say. Amen. Amen. Remember everything will be alright. This is the biblical. All right, listen to Christian. All right now the world. All right, but everything will be all right for those who place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and believe. The great things to come believe for great things account. They meant let's praise. Let's praise and worship.


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Spare time is time for us to offer a prayer to lower to lay at his feet are petitions and request knowing that he hears us and he will attend to all of our needs so we want to do that. Now we want to stop what we're doing going to find us a nice place where we can buy our heads or even get on my knees if it's possible and I offer up your concern to the Lord. Lay them at his feet. In his throne room. Right there in the presence of the father. Let him know all about your troubles while I play the song in the background with you to pray want you to pray. Let's do that now.

Father we thank you so much again for allowing us to be in your presence. Thank you for giving us this opportunity through our relationship that we have with your son Jesus Christ the ability to come into the inner most holy place and speak directly to you. Thank you. Heavenly father that you listen to us and that you pay attention to what we desire and ask and need and that you give us and you're Perfection those things that says as you see fit. We just asked you most of all to to be with us today as we as we Fellowship together as we come into our serving and worshipping you that you would see fit to to give us what we need. Give us the understanding of your word to give us the truth. Give us the Insight that would allow us to to walk each day in your way help us to understand is David said in his son helped us didn't come to understand the word. Sorry I made so that I may observe it and keep it fully in my heart. Do that for us. Happens to not be selfish and what we know but to be willing to give it to others so that they too can know what we know and help us to make sure so we can be what you've called us in separate us from the world to be be your ambassadors in this world telling men and women brought your son Jesus Christ. We left those who are hurting who are in need of you got blasted you would just give people what they need. The world is in trouble and you know that because you told us in your word that it's going to get worse before it gets better and that the only possible Saving Grace for that is Jesus. So. We continue to look to you for everything. We left up. individual score In the need of healing and if of Korra will let them as many be left upon our neighbor. I Miss Anne Curtis will have to do is continue to touch them with your healing power. We lift up two sons who sings father who is one of Leo's friend who's in the hospital dealing with heart application. We know that if we ask that you can do great things in and provide a miracle provide healing and if you do show God, let it be known that is you that individual to to understand who you are. We looked up my son Jimmy, but my anxiety we have to do with this, it's hard in his mind helping to think great thoughts about you. To resist the evil in the wickedness of the world and so bad for everyone who has those type of issues were there dealing with the struggles of the world situations, Stanton Campus of focus and know that we are in the care of you. So we ask that you would just touch this time that we have with you today. It was more insight so we could be more for you. We ask these things and we agree together in the name of your son Jesus Christ. We all say Amen we all say

so hungry

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It's preaching time. It's preaching time. It's time to hear a word from the Lord and we have one for you today. And we're so excited about being able to bring the series to you as it relates to the Trinity. Help us all understand what it is a God wants to know. About God the father got a son and God the Holy Spirit subject today or subject today is going to be the person of Jesus Christ a person the person of Jesus Christ Personal Jesus Christ. We're going to focus on today. So get ready for for this message that's going to speak to us about the person of Jesus Christ in Ewing or continuing Rick. Can you bring in the sermon series call the trinity? Where in the sermon series call the trinity? We started this series at the beginning of the new year and I'll purpose of preaching it was due to the many Christians who do not understand this basic fundamental. foundational truth of Christian doctrine so because of that we are here today and continuing to look at what the Bible says about the subject the first of all the Bible never mentions the word Trinity ever. But the concept is all over the Bible and this concept is that God is one consisting of three separate persons. God the Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit. We did not say much about the father has not said much about him because the term God the father is all over the Bible. And no one is disputing that God is the father. However, God the son and God the Holy Spirit are not written in the Bible there for their identity and roles have to be identified through God's revelation of them in the scriptures. So last week we are identified Jesus as the word of God who became flesh. Thus proving that Jesus is God. So today we are focusing our minds on the person of Christ. This man named Jesus who is God. We're focusing our minds today today right now today on this person of Christ. This man named Jesus and he is he is God. He's gone in discussing in discussing the personal Christ. We have to talk about things such as the Dual nature Incarnation kenosis atonement and his eternal State. Let's start by describing the Dual nature of Jesus Christ will start with that. The Dual nature of Jesus Christ you writing down things taking notes. That's the first thing you want to write down as it deals with this subject that we're looking at talk about the talk about the Dual nature of Jesus Christ if we have seen now and understand from last week's sermon lesson the Jesus Is God who became an then we have to listen to me. We have to understand that this means that he now has two Natures one divine nature in one human nature right one divine nature and one human nature John says in John 1 and 14. He says this now the word became flesh and took up residence among us. We saw his glory to glory of the one and only full of grace and truth came from the Father. I remember that and then we looked at John 1. Wanted to and it says it's in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and the word wasn't are in. The beginning was the word and the Word was with God and where was fully got together. Want to miss that was fully God and the Word was with God and the beginning write the word was with God in the beginning. Now the summary of this is that the word is Dupree and Connor person of Jesus Christ, and he was with God in the beginning of creation. And Not only was he whipped out at the beginning of creation, but he was also himself god with me. Is that make sense?

Hope so right friend Carnot. Word that was in the beginning the word that was with God the word. That was fully God and the word that became flesh Jesus Christ. right


then we establish that the word for the person. And not a thing not a thing not a thing through the author's use of the gender masculine pronouns. He and him. I can remember that didn't finally this person call the word took on the Flesh of mankind. In other words the word of God became a man by putting on some fresh human being and became visible and resided on Earth with us. And this person the Bible tells us that the second person of the Trinity called Jesus Christ. So now now we know this right now that we know this then let's look at what the Bible says about the person of Jesus Christ the man Jesus who is God. It says that when the word became flesh then the Divine also became human are with me when the word became flesh. Then the Divine also became human and other words Jesus both Divine and human. This is what it's called the Dual nature of Christ. This is what it's called the Dual nature of Christ. Are y'all tracking with me the Dual nature of Christ? Do nature is defined as undiminished did to United with perfect Humanity forever and without the confusion of attributes, right? the Dual nature but the person of Christ is the finest undiminished deity. United with perfect Humanity forever and without confusion without confusion about your face when you let that sink in for a minute so you can understand what's being said. Let's first talk about the undiminished deity. That's United with perfect romantic. This is also stated as being fully God and fully man. You probably heard that before the Jesus fully God and for the men and fully human. The operative word is fully meaning that when Jesus became human. He did not lose any of his deity. But it games Humanity. Alright y'all with me Paul says in Philippians that he put on Humanity in other words him being God remain in full force. And with that came him being human in full force to help us understand that's even better even better. We should believe that just one nature was not divided into two majors. DT as 1/2 and Humanity as the other hat. That's how some people describe if that's wrong. That's not what the Bible teaches but what we should understand is that Jesus is Jesus is divine nature is one hundred percent manatee or so his divine nature. He's one hundred percent human nature is 100% humidity right with the teacher is that Jesus is divine nature is 100% of his deity and his human nature is 100% of his Humanity. Both makers are 100% and they both are the natures of the one person Jesus Christ the son of God, we are tracking with me. So that is the understanding of an undiminished day to United with perfect Humanity forever and without confusion of attributes of characteristics in the qualities of those Nature's, right? That's the understanding. All right. You still with me? Good right now. The scripture says in John 1 the sea Clause it says in the word was fully God and then in the 14th verse of a clause of John it says now the word became flesh and took up residence among us. Look at the understanding of the foreverness. Of this undiminished deity along with perfect Humanity. We're going to try to understand the foreverness. August unlimited data along with perfect game and this is one of the truth about Jesus that many Christian Believers misunderstand or or are just ignorant about the fact that Jesus is God and man human and divine Divinity and humanity is not temporary but is eternally forever. This move. Jesus is Curly in heaven seated at the right hand of God the father in the form of a human man with two natures. With me, this means that Jesus is currently in heaven currently right now today and haven't seen it at the right hand of God the father in the form of a human man with two Natures a nature that is divine and a nature. That is human. And this dual nature of Jesus Christ will always and forever be that way. Yeah with me that's the foreverness of this dude nature.


I have asked this multiple-choice question too many Christians and also too many pastors. The question is is Jesus in heaven currently today. A a non-physical spiritual ghost or be a physical human person is Jesus currently today as he sits in heaven the right hand of God. The father is EA. A non-physical Spirit ghost or is he bi? A physical human person 99% of the Christians and passes that I asked this answer with the choice of a that he is a non-physical Spirit ghost. That's tragic. That is complete tragic. And I believe the reason that is. Is because most churches and I'm not down in churches, but I'm just trying to help you to see what the problem might be. Most churches are not teaching the Bible. It's a moment Hour 2 hours of presentation and entertainment, but the choir has to be perfect and singing in the ring shield on your back in the pasture comes behind me super cool song that with his litter Asians in all of that. He has in his demonstration of the scriptures. I remember I remember just thinking back on some of these theatrics. I remember one Easter Paso Road in on a real donkey into his church, which ended horribly because the donkey pooped in the church. Remember what time on Easter Easter Sunday service at the pastor role in in a casket and preach from laying down in the casket and then we said earlier send the money rolls. He rolls up how tragic. I remember that one time this pastor was talking about running for God so he came in a in a tracksuit with track shoes on and and and ran around the inside of the church as he was pretty cuz he was running for. And the people loved it and the church grew. We have Pastor Google have thousands of members. People come to be to be have their fancies tickled. But very seldom do they come to when I understand the truth? I was debating with a young man one time about his Pastor who is t.d. Jakes. And I was trying to explain to him that t.d. Jakes did not believe in the Trinity as the Bible speaks about it that his doctrine of the Trinity was not biblical. In his rebuttal to me was how many members do you have in back? Then? I had a whopping 40 members. He says he started laughing at TD Jakes at 10th South. And why am I debated with you and he walked away? I felt kind of down but the Lord said give him one more shout-out. Tell him that Jesus only had 12. Jesus only had 12

12 members That was one time with Jesus have 5000 was sitting underneath his feet. There was another time that have 4000 sending them both occasions. Jesus walked away why they did not come to hear the word of God. They came to have their bellies full of food. That's how most people today. They go to church to have their Pleasures met to have their needs met, but the needs are not God Center. The needs are physical you want to have a physical moment. an experience

as opposed to just getting the truth and become a mature. So God can use you and Empower you to do can work. No one wants to sit and I need to pass through teachers like that. That's what the world needs us what the churches should be. Immature casad that way when they're sitting in the meet people who are teaching the truth. They do not raise their hand. 4 option 8 And say that the Jews of that they love is a non-physical Spirit ghost. They would not rate that tragic mistake because Dan is not the truth. That's not the foundation that we understand the Bible teaching us the Christian doctrine and why is this tragic? It is tragic because this says that somewhere down the line of Jesus existence the door for me to return to a single nature. I'm currently today is Jesus resides in heaven they believe. But he is only deity and Devon and little longer humanity and human. this goes completely against the biblical understanding of the forever door nature Jesus Christ as fully God and fully man, fully human and fully deity in fully Humanity right now and for ever

Now these confused listen to me. Listen to me these confused Christian to this way are not the first to do so and will not be the last. The disciples believe this about Jesus at one point. Disciples did the very ones who walked with Jesus who suddenly this teaching. They had to sing. They would have raised their hand with option A.

How do you know that Pastor how do you know that only looks let me show you the Bible. Let's look at the Bible and see what the Bible says.

Listen to this is Luke 24 Luke 24 33 through 43 the long path and I want you to hear this. Let me just set up this this this whole stage what's going on? The two disciples on the road to Emmaus encounter Jesus? Jesus spoke with them then when he broke bread with them. They recognized who he was so then we have this so they got up. Very hour and returned to Jerusalem. They found 11 of those with them gathered together.

Insane the Lord has really risen because of peered to Simon. That was a message that the Lord has really risen. It appeared assignment. Delete old when it happened on the road and how they recognized him when he broke the bread. While they were saying these things Jesus himself stood among them and said to them peace be with you, but they were startled for 8. ghost Beacon they saw a ghost then he said to them why are you frightened? And why do doubts arise in your hearts?

Look at my hands and my feet, it's me. Search me and see. A ghost does not have flesh and Bone like you see I have the bejesus stalking.

Ghost does not have these kind of things. Don't have fresh bones, and you don't see them.

When he had said this he showed them his hands and his feet wide because there was metal prints in them. Watch this and while they still could not believe it because of their Joy they were overjoyed and we're amazed. He said to them. Do you have anything here to eat? So they gave him a piece of broiled fish and he took it and ate it in front of them. He took it and he ate it in front of them.

What is the big idea of this passage from Luke? Why is this significant? The big idea in the significance is that Jesus rose from the dead and full body? Liforme? And then he was seen by others after his resurrection. The biggest of the ideas in the more significant is that Jesus is not a non-physical Spirit ghost, but a person with both flesh and Bone just like you and me.

All right. What about Jesus staying in heaven? What about his State now and having some One Pastor say Yokai believe that I believe your Rules Football of the form, but when he extended his Spirit assembly, but if his spirit will send it without his body. His body should have fallen to the to the ground. So his body still should be somewhere should have been somewhere. Because that's what death is death is when the spirit separate from the body life is in the spirit when it's separate from the body the body lay there. That's what we buried. Look at this verse.

Luke 20 20 + 17 says this Jesus replied do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to my father go to my brothers and tell them I am ascending to my father and your father to my God and your God do not touch me. Why?

He always me Jesus for bed the two women from touching him, which means that he was physical than Jesus gave him a message to tell his disciples and that was concerning kiss ascending into heaven. A suspension was in the same body that Jesus forbade them to touch the message was that his physical body was assembling into heaven to be with his father.

The big idea is that Jesus right now and his current state residing in heaven is physical and can be touched can be seen can also eat food if you want. He is forever fully God and fully man. Fully Divine and fully human hair to United with perfect Humanity when how long is forever? forever

Now what about the undiminished? Did the imperfect Humanity? How does God's DT not get diminish when it takes on perfect Humanity. So these are some of the questions that you asked when transitioning from the observation to interpret. How does God did not get diminished when it takes on perfect Humanity it is because they are united without causing any confusion these attributes of Jesus are complete in themself. They each are one hundred percent do the deed. He does not rely on the humanity and it apparently does not rely on the deity. The deity does nothing for until humanity and he meant he does nothing for into the deity. In other words. Listen to me and Jesus Is God and this goddess self-existence self-sufficient. He's free. This God is eternal and everlasting he is has no beginning and has no hand the god that Jesus is is outside the time. He's on a mission omnipresent and omnipotent is this God is a jealous God and he's God of God and Lord of lords of Jesus and he's the God for y'all way. He's he's I don't know why this God is Mystery. Not mysterious. He's mystery because you know a little bit about it, but not everything. He's a creator of all things. He's our refuge and our strength. This god is perfect. This God is the king of all the Earth just got his judge. He's a Helper and understand this God is our God is a spirit is a consuming fire. He's lighting love it. When Moses Assamese movie says I am the I am just got his father. He's a little boy. He's trying to say that he's internet is why the holy this is a God that Jesus is God is faithful in that. He is the corollary of divine goodness and Truth. What is merciful he does not give you what you deserve but he scratches he gives you what you don't even deserve to get. There is a God who is Jesus? In the Jesus, who is God. Jesus Jesus, who is God and what about the attributes of Jesus is perfect Humanity. What about that? What about Jesus in his human nature? He was born of a virgin named Mary who grew up in the wisdom and stature who worked as a carpenter. He ate food when he got hungry. He felt pain really got hurt. He was seen by many and talk to stranger. He was a man without a home for had nowhere to lay his head. It was falsely accused. He was placed in prison. He suffered under Pontius Pilate. It was crucified on an Old Rugged Cross. He died and was placed in a borrowed tomb in the third day. He rose from the dead when full power for Cuban form. He was seen by many who told his story and on the floor Tia thing of his resurrection. He ascended into heaven and now he's sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven. In other words. His other minutes did what you not aware. Perfect Humanity without an intersection of confusion. The bottom line is that his being God did not stop kitchen manati from dying and it's been human did not stop is dizzy from being forever and eternal in other words. Let me tell you I gave me his his his did not stop its Humanity from dime. And it's been yelling did not stop his dick from being forever and eternal. Yell at me.

Now let's talk about the person of Jesus Christ as a relates to his incarnation.

his incarnation in discussing the Incarnation which is defined. Add. Taking on flesh of man. We have to talk about the Virgin birth of Christ. Remember the term perfect Humanity that United with undiminished. He is a deity. Well this perfect Humanity was perfect only because his birth was Immaculate Jesus's birth was the perfect conception of God with Mary. All right, Matthew 1 and 18 says this now the birth of Jesus Christ happened this way while his mother Mary was engaged to Joseph before they came together. She was found to be pregnant through through the holy spirit with me pregnant through the Holy Spirit. write Matthew 1 and 20 says this keep going with this scripture so you can see it from the Bible it when you have contemplated this talk about Joseph and the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said Joseph son of David do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife because the child conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.

Maca Maca birth the Matthew 24 you talk about this and understand it from the word of God Matthew 24 and 25 says this and when Joseph woke from sleep, he did not he did with the angel of the Lord told him. He took his wife, but did not have marital relations with her until she gave birth to a son whom he named Jesus. women named Jesus

perfect Humanity because his birth was immaculate. Jesus birth was perfect with perfect conception of God with Mary. with me verses help us to see what the Bible says about the perfect Humanity. We talked about this we have to understand that this brings us to the teaching of something called kenosis. Kenosis closest talk a little bit about this kenosis a bit as I talk about kenosis the word kenosis comes from the Greek word that can oxen meaning that Jesus emptying himself of his Prestige and privilege granted to him as God in heaven. In other words of Jesus gave up his appearance of his divinity and took on the form of a slave. He later saw his create power and submitted to the power of creation and became one of the created create or Ismail created the Creator is now part of the creation. information the kenosis It's a humiliation of a sudden taking on the human form and that other servant. This is found in Philippians 2 5 through 7. Bring that up Olympians 2537. It says this you should have the same attitude towards one another the Christ Jesus had who know he existed in the form of God. Did not regard equality with God is something to be grasped empty to self by taking on the front of a slave by looking like other men and by sharing listen to me by sharing in the human nature.

with me

kissing manatee it's perfect. Turn on Everlasting Son of God. Jesus became a human just like you and me. He shared in the humidity. But his humanity is perfect. It's nice not like yours and mine. Our father is with a man who was simple who's apart of that Genesis 3 movement where they and other trigger good in a good and evil and when it should have been on the tree of life, but they chose the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and when they are out of it that came to all mankind the cause of sin All fathers. Who you learning with? Our mothers are part of that simple groups are our birth was not imagine. We don't have perfect Humanity. We have a frog you meant it was because of Jesus Christ and when he did that he'll allowed to live in a moment of perfect humidity when he covers Us with his Precious Blood, I believe in Jesus Christ restores back to the form that we should have been when we were in the Garden of Eden in Genesis. Set a perfect humidity is only step on Jesus Christ. only through Christ that he was born of the Holy Spirit. how to make a birth chart gave the seed of God the Father place it into the woman Mary and allow the Creator and become create it. Can a sense of humanity just like you and me with the difference being as perfect. perfect Humanity Right and that perfect Humanity was United with the deity that was undiminished. He is God and he is man both complete and full 100%. 100% man completely human. This is the person of Christ and we must understand him for who he is because he is what we believe him to be.

Here's what we believe them to be and that is a person who defeated death and resurrected from the grave and full body. Liforme.

And I will close our clothes with this as our hope in Jesus. Paul says this about Jesus in Philippians 2 8 through 11. He said he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death even death on the cross guard exalted him and gave him the name that is above every name so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven and on Earth and underneath the Earth and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father will leave you with this. We understand that this is what Jesus did this is the Jesus that we have placed our faith and trust in this is a Jesus who will see us through to the end believe in him and trust in him and watch how he changed your life into a life of a business and servitude with a reward of eternal life. Accept this gift that is given to all mankind the gift of a restored relationship with the father through his offer of salvation. Accept it today The Beer Store. Rollover be distraught human being but like Jesus restore you like something him as your lord and savior and receive receive the gift of eternal life. And all I can say behind all of that and what God has given us today. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you, Jesus father. Thank you so much for Jesus all that he's done for us. coming out of heaven Take Me Home Fletcher man for making himself a slave to you. Serving your wheels and your desire the Mormon perish but all might be safe. Thank you for him coming and dying on the cross for our sins and raising with power and sending in full glory in a full body helping us to understand the week. You should be like him. It does not yet appear what we shall be but we shall be like Jesus Bible tells us that in the physical even after we die in a resurrected. Thank you Jesus for what you've done to help us to understand the day the power of His dual nature that is in this man that's in this man named Jesus. This is the document as it relates to the Dual nature of Christ in the personal Christ. Who is God.

I was meditating what we heard think about it think through it close your eyes and just meditate ask God to solidify in your heart and your mind what you heard so we could be what he wants us to be. Let's do that while I play the song in the background.

We would talk to be afraid of it.

What the Bible says?

relations 1:3 blessed is he?

And those that hear the word?

Because I was out there for the word of God. and the testimony of Jesus Christ how do you say that was in the

Make sure that the world has ever known.

We speak.

What is an appraiser?

Is the marriage of the Lamb?

And this was bringing in the battle of Armageddon and the rule of the Antichrist.

What chapter 1:19?

The marriage supper of the Lamb could not take place.

Thank you so much for worshipping with us today. Just a few announcements before or after church check. There are two ways to get my free electronically via cash app cash check the proximate or by mail to 511 Bertha Lane, Orlando, Florida 32805. Please fill out a contact card before you sign off today. If you do hear have never filled one out or need to update your information this ensures you received a news update and your year-end giving statement to fill out this contact card. Go to Proclamation Church. Join us every weekday at 12 p.m. For prayer at the same Zoom link noon zoom in the time to share prayer requests and praise report and intercede for the needs of our church community and our world gather for Bible study every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Don't miss this important time of growing deeper in your understanding of God and God's word. Oliver Sunday sermons are available on sermon audio for you to read listen or share with someone who needs to hear a good one. Is it approximator to listen for download? If you're not yet a member of a church Community? We'd love to welcome you as a member of proclamation Church. Contact Pastor Jimmy or Pastor. Keion, for more information about Proclamation church or help finding a local church. Do not face in the Orlando area this week Bible reading can be found in the chat read along with us as we make our way through this. Like to receive a weekly text the Bible reading please text sign me up to 407-468-7931. Again, thank you for being here with us at Proclamation church. We hope to stick around for the after church check to discuss this evening and spend a few moments and fellowship.

All right. Good afternoon. Yep. Good afternoon everybody. Thank you for being home with us today. We will appreciate your presence with this today is truly a blessing to have all these people online with us for this great and most important subject of Trinity Soho. God gave you what you're looking for and I hope it gives you more insight about who he is. So good afternoon.

Hello. Hello, Brit Brit.

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