Let Jesus Serve You

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In this sermon, Pastor Al emphasizes the importance of allowing Jesus to serve us.

He illustrates how the bondservant in Exodus 21 is a picture of Jesus.

Al further examines Martha and Mary's story to point out the importance of prioritizing the Word.

Also, he explains that God will be everything we need Him to be.

00:00 Introduction

00:52 The Concept of Jesus Serving You

02:29 The Importance of Serving in Church

03:37 Exploring the Statute of the Bondservant

07:39 The Bondservant Is a Picture of Jesus

08:00 Jesus Was God and Man

09:59 Jesus’ Chose to Die for Us

11:38 The Symbolism of the Golden Girdle

12:28 Jesus' Act of Service: Washing Disciples' Feet

14:08 The Church Is Busy Serving

15:29 Hesed

27:00 The Importance of Letting Jesus Serve Us

30:49 The Importance of Hearing the Word

40:11 Conclusion

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