The Practice of Romancing

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What Does the Bible Say About Romance?

1. Romance Includes __________________________________

• Remember the giving of _________________ ___________

Song of Solomon 1:10-11 – 10 Your hair is beautiful upon your cheeks and falls along your neck like jewels. 11 But we will make for you a chain of gold with ornaments of silver. (Good News Bible)

• __________________________ your spouse

Song of Solomon 2:1-2 – 1 [The woman says,] I am merely a rose from the land of Sharon, a lily from the valley. 2 [The man says] My darling, when compared with other young women, you are a lily among thorns. (Contemporary English Version)

• Don’t forget to ____________________________

(1) They eat lunch together

Song of Solomon 1:7 – I’m not one of those women who shamelessly follow

after shepherds. My darling, I love you! Where do you feed your sheep and let them rest at noon? (Contemporary English Version)

(2) They picnic together

Song of Solomon 1:16-17 – 16 “What a lovely, pleasant sight you are, my love, as we lie here on the grass, 17 shaded by cedar trees and spreading firs.” (New Living Translation)

(3) They enjoy an overnight getaway

Song of Solomon 7:11-12 – 11 Come, dear lover – let's tramp through the countryside. 12 Let's sleep at some wayside inn, then rise early and listen to bird-song. Let's look for wildflowers in bloom, blackberry bushes blossoming white, fruit trees festooned with cascading flowers. And there I'll give myself to you, my love to your love! (The Message)

When was the last time you and your spouse had a date?

When was the last time you got away with God?

2. The Bible Tells Me that Romance Includes __________________________ ______________________

• Physical closeness is __________________________

Song of Solomon 1:2 – Kiss me again and again, for your love is sweeter than wine. (New Living Translation)

• Physical closeness is _______________________________

Song of Solomon 2:6 – Put your left hand under my head and embrace me with your right arm. (Contemporary English Version)

3. The Bible Tells Me that Romance Includes __________________________ ______________________

• Affection is shown by _______________ ________________ to the one you love

Song of Solomon 1:9 – My darling, you are like a mare among the king’s stallions. (New Century Version)

Song of Solomon 1:13-14 – 13 My darling, . . . 14 you are flower blossoms from the garden of En-Gedi. (Contemporary English Version)

• Affection involves ______________________________

Song of Solomon 4:12 – My bride, my very own, you are a garden, a fountain

closed off to all others. (Contemporary English Version)

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