The Heart (02/21/24)

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Teen Fundraiser
Bruce Frye
Give & Go
Soul Winning Saturday
Higher Call Youth Rally
Experience Israel

Current Events

Are you ready to vote in the primaries?
North Carolina
In-person early voting for the 2024 primary election begins Thursday, Feb. 15, and ends at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 2. Early voting sites and schedules are available at the Early Voting Site Search. Locations and voting hours are also available at Early Voting Sites for the March 5, 2024 Primary Election.
South Carolina
The Democratic Presidential Primary was on February 3.
The Republican Presidential Primary is on February 24.

Prayer Requests

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Sterling Ramsey: Please add Mrs. Pat Jordan’s great grandson to the prayer list. He just turned two and about ten days ago, another child pushed him and he is now having problems with walking, his eyes, and needs one on one help.
Christy Melton is the daughter of Debbi Spivey, Pastor Campbell's neighbor. Christy has just learned that her latest mammogram shows a mass in one of her breasts. She is rightly concerned. They asking for prayers that this mass turn out to NOT be cancer.
1st Grade - Mrs. Campbell
SCBA Enrollment/Re-enrollment
& Staffing
Estates at Sugar Creek - Construction is ongoing. The sign says, “Now Selling By Appointment”
Prayer from the sign:
Harvey Dalton - job interview tomorrow
Pineville Mayor David Phillips
Missionary Prayer Request
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