God Displays His Power Over The Enemy

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Why would a person or group seek to transfer a difficult responsibility to someone else?
Do you think there is any coincidence in the placement of the Ark by the Philistines? (v. 2)
No. God did this so He could showcase His power.
Who do you think knocked over Dagon and why? Can you see the grace of God in this event? (v. 3-4)
God did.
To show that dagon is not worthy to stand in His presence.
God was showing them what they must do. They also needed to bow to Him, to escape judgment upon themselves.
God does not just punish people because of who they are. He shows them His presence and then lets them decide what to do from there.
What does this verse tell us of the Philistine culture? (v. 5)
They were very superstitious. They really leaned into the thought of these ungodly ideologies (luck, coincidence, karma, fate, etc.)
It also shows their polytheistic mindset. Although they recognized the God of Israel, they still worshipped and believed in their own God, showing they believed in the existence of multiple Gods.
How did the Philistines attempt to remedy their current problems? (v. 7-11)
They tried to give it away. Doing this never makes a problem go away. It goes to show their lack of love for their own people. They should have dealt with this first hand, and then many of their other people would not have had to suffer.
What were the repercussions of the Ark’s presence in Ashdod? (v. 6, 9, 11-12)
Sickness and even death.
Ultimately, who is able to defend the reputation of God?
Nobody can. God will defend Himself in His own way. We can share our faith in God, but only God can perform the miraculous works necessary to stand in defense on His name.
What is the proper action for the Church, when a particular “setback” takes place within it or society?
We should pray for God to vindicate His own name. When He moves in a miraculous way, that cannot be explained any other way outside of Himself, then He gets the glory due His name.
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