How to Handle Persecution part 4

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Be Committed To Fellowship (v23).

The first thing that Peter and John did after being released was to go to there friends and other believers.
They went not only to report what happened but also for encouragement and support.
This was the first time a follower of Christ had met any resistance.
It’s easy to believe in something when you are never challenged about it.
One benefit of persecution is that it results in greater solidarity.
People being persecuted draw together for mutual support.
Perhaps one reason for the disunity in today’s church is the lack of external pressure.
And the false unity being attempted through compromise and indifference toward true doctrine only compounds the problem by moving the church ever further from the true unity that comes out of confrontation by the truth.
If we confronted the world system more aggressively, the resulting opposition would drive us closer together and enrich our mutual dependence.
That real unity marked the early believers.

Be Thankful (4:24-28)

They did not return fearful and dejected but had a since of exhilaration and excitement.
They had preached to the Sanhedrin and had been granted the privilege of suffering for their Lord.
The used here for “Sovereign Lord” is the greek word Despotes which is a rare term used for God which translates into English as absolute master.
Peter and John had know question about who they served and what he was.
They knew God was in control and is the absolute master of everything and had this planned out for a reason.
Being a believer and not facing persecution is to never know the true power of God.
It’s like owning an exotic sports car and never driving it.
All their suffering was in His will.
Being the Creator of everything, He is in complete control of all events.
Confidence in the absolute rulership and might of God was enough to sustain them.
They also got comfort from the fact that opposition had been foreseen in the OT
They were seeing prophecy being fulfilled before their eyes and they were part of it.

They Wanted Greater Boldness (vv 29-31)

Rather than asking for a safe place or a place to hide they asked for more courage to boldly proclaim Gods truth.
This was the very thing they were told not to do.
Should we break the law?
Yes when that law stands in opposition to what the Bible says then yes.
Any law that was created by man that goes against what the Bible says must be actively fought against.
They asked God to continue doing signs and wonders.
They did not have to wait long for their answer.
The place was shaken and they were filled with the spirit and they continued to speak the word of God with boldness.
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