Jesus My Shepherd

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JOHN 1-4 WILL YOU BELIEVE JESUS IS GOD, MESSIAH, AND SAVIOR? JOHN 5 (HEALING ON THE SABBATH) REJECTING THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST RESULTS IN YOUR ETERNAL CONDEMNATION. JOHN 6 (BREAD OF LIFE) EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE WHETHER TO ACCEPT THE SOVEREIGNTY OF JESUS FOR OUR SALVATION. JOHN 7 (LIVING WATER) EVALUATE YOUR RESPONSE TO JESUS BEING FROM THE FATHER— IS IT BELIEF? JOHN 8 (LIGHT OF THE WORLD) DO NOT REJECT THE DEITY OF CHRIST—BELIEVE THAT YOU MAY BE FREE FROM SIN. JOHN 9 (HEALING MAN BORN BLIND) God is better seen through my limitations. Don’t be spiritually blind to your sin and need of a Savior. Jesus My Shepherd JOHN 10 JESUS MY SHEPHERD 1. Sheep need help—I need help. 2. Jesus is the source of eternal protection. 3. Jesus intimately cares for His people. JESUS MY SHEPHERD CARES FOR ME BY PROVIDING ETERNAL LIFE. APPLICATION 1. Contemplate on God’s care and compassion for you. A red flag of life is when I begin to believe that God does not care for me. APPLICATION 2. Be aware of and identify false teachers and teaching that seek to pull you away from God. 3. When you struggle with simply having faith in the words of Christ, remind yourself of the actions of Christ that reveal the truth of His words. TRUST IN JESUS YOUR SHEPHERD. FOR ETERNITY. FOR TODAY.
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