Preschool Chapel: Apple Acres: Bear Hug B

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Puppet Show
Hi, everybody!
Are you ready to see Theo?
When I count to three, call, “O Theo!” Ready?
One - two -three “Oh Theo!!”
Hi, boys and girls!
I’m so excited to see you.
There are a lot of you here today.
Can you tell me your names?
That’s a lot of names to learn.
I will have to keep working on learning your names so we can all become good friends.
That’s a great idea!
Say, that reminds me of your good friend, Timothy.
What are you and Timothy going to do today?
Timothy and I want to explore the apple orchard today.
We want to pick some of the ripe apples so Grammy Lois, Timothy's grandma, can make an apple pie!
That sounds like fun!
I’m so excited to go exploring with Timothy.
We go everywhere together on the farm, and the apple orchard is one of my favorite places to go.
Make a loud BAAAing sound and bring Luvie puppet into view.
Baa baa!
Theo, I heard that you and Timothy want to go exploring in the apple orchard today.
That’s right!
Doesn’t that sound fun, Katie?
Why don’t you come with us?
We can all have fun together!
It does sound fun, Theo, but you can’t go today.
I just heard Timothy’s mother say that Timothy has to stay close to the house today and finish his chores.
He has to sweep the porch and help pick up leaves in the yard.
Oh no!
That makes me sad!
I really wanted to go to the orchard today!
And my tummy is really hungry for some apples - and apple pie.
Sorry, Theo.
I know that makes you sad.
Maybe you and I can play outside while Timothy finishes his chores.
We can play catch with my favorite ball!
Playing catch will be fun, but I’m sorry that you don’t get to go pick apples today, Theo.
That’s okay.
I like to play with Luvie Lamb.
She is really good at playing catch.
She never misses the ball, and she can jump really high
Well, you two enjoy playing catch!
Theo and Luvie:
Bye, boys and girls!
Lesson Time
Do you remember why Theo was sad today?p
Theo didn’t get to go do something tht he really wanted to do.
Can you think of a time when you were not able to do something that you really wanted to do?
What happened?
Today, we are going to learn a true story from God’s special book, the Bible.
The Theo and Katie story was just make-beleieve.
We use our imagination when we see animals talking, because animals don’t really talk.
But everything we read in the Bible really and truly happened!
We can believe the Bible.
Open Bible to Mark 10.
One day Jesus was talking to lots of people.
He was telling them about His Father; God.
In the crowd were grandmas and grandpas, mommies and daddies and even some boys and girls and babies!
The moms and dads wanted Jesus to pray for their children (Matthew 19:13).
They also wanted the children to learn all about Jesus, so they moved their children closer to Jesus.
Kids, can you think about how exciting it would be to see Jesus?
Let’s pretend we are the children in the crowd.
Ask Children to stand and take one step forward, and say, “I want to learn about Jesus.”
Now you can sit down, and we will learn what happened to the boys and girls in our true story!
Jesus had special helpers with Him.
These helpers were called disciples.
Can you say that with me?
The disciples did not want the children to bother Jesus.
They told the children, “Stop! You cannot come closer to Jesus today!”
How sad!
The children really wanted to see Jesus, but they had to turn around and go away
The children probably felt so sad.
Can you make a sad face?
Boys and girls, look at Jesus.
Do you think he was happy that the children were going away?
He was angry!
He did not like His disciples telling the children to go away.
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Do not stop them!”
Get children to repeat
All the children happily walked toward Jesus.
Can you pretend to be the happy children?
Ask children to stand and walk in place as they clap their hands and smile
See the children with Jesus?
Jesus loved them.
He held them on his lap.
Jesus prayed for each one of the boys and girls that day.
Kids, Jesus loved the children, and Jesus loves each one of you!
Let’s so this motto together: Jesus loves me!
Guess what, kids?
Jesus liked the way the little children came to Him and trusted in Him.
We can trust that Jesus loves us and that He is our Savior, who died on the cross for our sin and came alive again.
Jesus said the people who trust Him as their Savior will have a home with HIm in heaven one day.
In heaven, we will live with Jesus always.
It will be a wonderful, happy and perfect place!
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