Thou Art Loosed

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Luke 13:10–17
Introduces us to “a woman was there who had been disabled by a spirit for over eighteen years. She was bent over and could not straighten up at all.” This is more than back problems in old age. Her problem was not physical, but spiritual. This is nothing less than satanic bondage. Look down “Satan has bound this woman … for eighteen years.” There she was in the synagogue on the Sabbath. What do you think she was looking for? No doubt she was hoping God would remember her and deliver her.
“When Jesus saw her, he called out to her, ‘Woman, you are free of your disability.’ Then he laid his hands on her, and instantly she was restored and began to glorify God.” The kingdom of God sets people free from the bondage of devils. Wherever the kingdom comes it breaks the rule and power of Satan. There will be no disability in the kingdom of God. Everything that’s crooked—including the backs bent from a devil’s riding—will be straightened and Satan thrown off and glory given to God!
A She Was Afflicted Physically—this was a woman who was in severe physical pain. Her body was bent double at the waste. Surely, every day was a struggle for her. She found herself in a physical condition that prevented her from looking up. She could not, by her own power, overcome her condition. Sadly, many have found themselves in a spiritual state in which they cannot look up either!
B She Was Attacked SpirituallyVerse 16lets us know that this woman was an Israelite and a believer. Yet, she is under the attack of the devil Satan has bound her and caused her body to be broken by her affliction (Note: Even saved people can be attacked by the devil Now we need to understand that no saint of God can be demon possessed Jesus did not cast out any here .He merely spoke to her condition .She was not demon possessed she was demon Oppressed
C. She was affected socially—No doubt, because of her condition, this woman was considered to be a freak. She was an oddity to be laughed at and imitated by children. She was an outcast and was probably unwanted, unloved and uncared for. She was the kind of person you would avoid on the street. She was a social pariah! (Note: She knew the pain of rejection! Some of you are afflicted in that manner this morning. Beware that you do not allow your rejections to become bitterness! The enemy will us that to trap you and bind you, if he is allowed to!)[1]
(Ill. This woman wasn’t the only one who came to the synagogue to worship. Jesus Christ was in attendance that day and He came to worship as well. The Bible says, verse 12, “He saw her”. Jesus went to the House of God to worship. He knew that genuine worship involved more than merely sitting in one’s place. Worship was more than an experience of the head. It was an experience of the heart that found reaction in His hands![2]
She Received a Compassionate Word—When Jesus saw her, He called her to some to Him. When she had struggled her way to where He was, He spoke to her. He called her “Woman”. What a word of compassion! Here was a woman whose beauty had long since faded. People did not see her as a woman, but as a freak, an object of mockery, pity and probably disgust. Yet, Jesus saw her as a woman! Others may not have recognized her significance, but Jesus did. He loved her like she was! [3]
He Affected the Cure—After Jesus spoke, He touched her and immediately she stood ramrod straight! No longer was she forced to shuffle about from place to place, never able to look up, see the stars, and look at the sky. No longer was she deformed and freakish. No longer would she be the brunt of jokes and an object of mockery. She had been healed!
He Attacked the Cause—this woman’s affliction was caused by Satan. Jesus rebuked the influence of the devil in her life and set her free! (Note: Friend, He waits to do the same thing for you today! He wants to deliver you from the bondage of your hurts. He wants to heal your emotional scars. He wants to set you free from the pain and isolation you feel. Our enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil all delight in keeping us in bondage. Because, when we are bound, we are useless to the Lord and cannot contribute to the kingdom work of the Savior. Jesus has a plan to set you free. You need to get to Him!)