292.Freedom From Human Regulations Through Life With Christ

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Open it

1. What good advice have you never forgotten?
2. *What causes a person to really change his or her attitudes and behavior?

Explore It

1. How did Paul tell the Colossians to continue in Christ? (2:6–7)
2. What false teaching was Paul concerned about? (2:8)
3. What did Paul affirm about Christ? How? (2:9–10)
4. *What did God give the Colossian believers? (2:10)
5. Why do Gentile Christians have no need to conform to Jewish rules and regulations? (2:11–12)
6. How did the Cross cancel the written code? (2:13–14)
7. From what did Christ deliver us? How? (2:15–17)
8. *How did Paul encourage the Colossians to practice their freedom in Christ? (2:16)
9. How did Christ fulfill what the Old Testament foreshadowed? (2:17)
10. Whom did Paul accuse of trying to rob believers of their spiritual rewards? (2:18)
11. *What were the characteristics of the false teachers? (2:18–19)
12. How did Paul challenge the legalism that had infected the church? (2:20–21)
13. What are the failings of human commands and teachings? (2:20–23)

Get It

1. *What “additions” to faith in Christ have you encountered from teachers in your Christian community?
2. How are you affected by popular religious rules floating around today?
3. What does “fullness in Christ” mean to you?
4. *Paul’s advice kept the Colossians growing in their faith; what Christian leaders have helped you stay on track spiritually?
5. How deep are the roots of your faith?

Apply It

1. *This week, how can you best exercise the freedom you have in Christ?
2. How can you help a Christian friend get rid of his or her false ideas about Christ?
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