Bible Study 32124- Doing Baptism right

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Baptized for the Wrong Reason

the founding ideal of the Church of Christ movement
where scripture speaks and where it is silent
on baptism, I can only think of one account of being baptized for the wrong reason
1 Cor 1
to say that you are a follower of the one that baptized you instead of Christ
and even here, Paul speaking all to people baptized in the way that Christ called them to be, a large part of his point
he doesn’t tell them they need to do it again, just to remember why they did

Baptism in Acts

the thousands in acts 2
the household of the philippian jailor acts 16
people who did not have it all figured out
who had only just heard the gospel
who were likely of a wide range of ages
likely very much caught up in emotion
all committing their lives to Christ regardless

What “Counts” to God

God desires an unhindered relationship with his creation
he wants you free from sin so he can walk with you and you with him with no guilt between you
the only right reason to be baptized is to know that you are guilty of sin and the only way to be free of it is to be made new in Christ
a repentant heart is what “counts”
everything else God has already overcome
not worth losing sleep over
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