Moving On

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A gospel artist by the name of Jonathan McReynolds wrote a song called Moving on and I'd like to quote just a few words from that song.
I'm closing chapters
I'm turning pages
Glory to glory
From faith to faith
I'm movin' on
I'm movin' on
I'm movin' on
I know my rear view
Can't compare to
What God will do with my life
And I am forgetting
What's behind me
I have finally decided
I'll be
Movin' on
I'm movin' on (alright)
I'm movin on
Have you ever found yourself stuck in something.
Stuck in your car due to weather conditions
Stuck in traffic
Stuck in a relationship
Stuck in a friendship
Stuck on a job
Stuck in your ways
Stuck between opinions
Stuck in a career
Stuck in Position
Stuck in the past
Stuck in a Church
Just Stuck, and it seems that you don’t have a way to get out.
However, you were given an encouraging word that something better is on the horizon. But you are stuck.
For some of us we want something new and something fresh, and we know how to get there but we are stuck.
We are stuck because something has not allowed us to get to where we need to be.
*I’m Moving on today
Our text
In our text we have Moses
Writer of the first 5 books of the Bible
Chosen to lead Israel out of Egypt into the Promise Land
Who was able to see the Promised Land, but wasn’t allowed to cross into the Promise
Moses is leading the people as he follows God’s instructions.
Moses sends spies to check out the promise land and 10 of the 12 come back with negative reports.
The allowed Fear to override there faith and the people believed them.
Stop allowing people to dictate how you get what God has already promised you.
Because of the negative reports, fear, and disobedience, the Israelites are now stuck in a place for 40 years.
An 11 day trip turned into 40 years.
Not only are they stuck, but the are going in circles around the same mountain.
They had walked around this mountain so much that they now had become comfortable in a place that they only were to be passing through
Be careful that you are not making permanent decisions in a temporary space.
What mountains have you being circling for years.
The mountain of sickness
mountain of fear
mountain of hate
mountain of envy
mountain of unforgiveness
mountain of negativity
Just the same ole mountain over and over again.
God never intended for us to be stuck.
He tells Moses you have compassed this mountain long enough.
we have to be willing to move in faith not fear to get to where God wants us to be.
Abram moved in faith in Gen 12:1-4 when God told him to get a way from his kin folk
Or Ruth when she left her past and followed her mother in law.
Paul picks things up in Philippians 3:12-14 after thinking about his journey and says Not that i have already attained……
Forgetting- Just forget about
Isaiah 43:18-19
Reaching forward
Pressing on
1 Timothy 6:11
Moving On
I was stuck in my sickness but I’m moving on because Isaiah 53:5
I’m Movin on
I was stuck crying but I’m moving on because
Psalm 30:5
I’m Moving on
I was stuck feeling like i couldn’t win but I’m moving on because Isaiah 54:17
I’m moving on
I was stuck trying to do it my way but I’m moving on because Proverb 3: 5
I’m Moving On
I was stuck in not trusting but I’m moving on because Proverb 3:6
I’m Moving on up Zion hill and if any body make it, surely i will.
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