Celebrating Life through the Holy Spirit (7)

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Celebrating Life through the Holy Spirit

We have been discovering what it means to celebrate Life through this basic bible study. Today this lesson will focus on the Holy Spirit and how He will help us to celebrate the Life of Jesus.
The Holy Spirit, is a part of what is known as the Trinity. Read Matthew 28:19 and answer what name we are to baptize people? ______________________________________________________________________________________
2. Do you see how all three persons are working as One? Talk about this with your mentor.
3. Read Ephesians 4:4-6 and answer the question of how many bodies, Spirits, hopes, Lords, faiths, baptisms, Gods living through all things?__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
4. Based on Ephesians 4:4-6 talk with your mentor on how the Trinity works together in all things.
5. Lets find out some of the activities which the Holy Spirit accomplishes. In Romans 8:1-2, how is the Holy Spirit described? __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
6. What condemnation is there for those who have accepted the Life of Jesus and belong to Him?__________________________________________________________________________________________
7. What did the Holy Spirit free us from?________________________________________________________________________________________
8. Read Romans 8:10 and answer the question, where does Jesus live and what does the Holy Spirit give you?________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
9. In Romans 8:11 where does the Holy Spirit live? ________________________________________________________________________________________
10. Also, what was the Spirit of God doing in verse 11 above?________________________________________________________________________________________
11. Also, what is the Holy Spirit going to give in verse 11 above?________________________________________________________________________________________
12. In Romans 8:15-16 what new name do we call God and why can we call Him by this new name?________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
13. What is the end result of having the Holy Spirit in our lives according to verse 17? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
14. Read 2 Corinthians 3:16-17 and answer the question of wherever the Spirit is the is what?____________________________________. What does this freedom mean to you?________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
15. Also in verse 18, what is it that we can see and reflect? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
16. Also what will the Holy Spirit makes us more like? _______________________________________________________________________________________
17. In Romans 12:1 what are we to give God and what are they to be? _______________________________________________________________________________________
18. In Romans 12:2, what are we instructed NOT to do and also TO do?_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
19. At the end of life, when we breath our last, what does Paul say in 2 Corinthians 5:4, will happen to our dead bodies? _______________________________________________________________________________________
20. In verse 5 above, what has God prepared us for and what did He give us to guarantee this?_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
This is why we can celebrate Life and that continually.
A concluding prayer: Dear Father, thank you for giving me your Holy Spirit which lives in me. I pray that I will follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and will learn to transform more into the likeness of Jesus. I pray that you will help me to fully celebrate Life Jesus style. Amen.