Funny Lawsuits


All of the following cases, along with many others, were found on the web site

1) Our favorite from the website is from Grand Haven, Michigan. A cleaner had stolen what she thought was a large candle from the condominium she had cleaned. Later, while at a restaurant with friends, she lit the 'candle'. The candle was in fact a huge firecracker and the woman was severely injured. She sued the condominium owners for not putting a warning on it. The condo owners say they had put the huge firecracker in a cupboard out of the reach of children after it had been left at their house after a party.

2) In Michigan a prisoner sued the prison service for his flatulence. The inmate said that his wind was caused by the food he was being served.

3) A drunk woman sued the police after they failed to arrest her. She admitted that she couldn't remember much about the evening anyway. A lower court and the Court Of Appeal said that the police officer did not owe her a duty of care...

4) A woman sued a 12 year old ice skater for accidentally colliding with her during an open session. The original trial court dismissed the action as the 12 year old girl had not been reckless. However the Court of Appeal allowed the action. Thankfully the Supreme Court dismissed the action with the comments: "When one combines the nature of ice with the relative proximity of skaters of various abilities, a degree of risk is readily apparent..."

5) An employee of a Hospital while in a wheelchair was smacked in the head while she was being pushed through an entrance ramp that was not intended for wheelchair access. She sued the makers of the gate for her injuries. The jury found that the makers of the gate were not at fault, other employees of the hospital said that the ramp was not intended for wheelchair access,


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