BMW Out Of Control

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This Guy Needs a Stunt Double, Pronto

Even the most hysterical Keanu-phobes would agree that what happened to Kevin Nicolle is just a teensy — and we mean teensy — bit more horrifying than being forced to watch “Speed” again.

Nicolle was driving along the highway in his BMW when the accelerator stuck and he went careening for 60 miles through the English countryside at speeds exceeding 130 mph with no way to stop, the BBC reports.

Sadly for Nicolle, this was no far-fetched action movie, he is not (as far as he has reported) Keanu Reeves and no one was paying him an inordinate amount of money to solve this sticky situation Hollywood-style.

"I was in tears most of the time on the phone to the police — I really could see myself dying," he told the BBC.

Authorities advised the unwitting speed demon to turn on his hazards and lay on the horn while the cops and a helicopter struggled to catch him.

But Nicolle had other plans.

"There was a load of cars parked waiting to go onto the roundabout, so I went on the inside on the hard shoulder to try to get around it. But doing that sort of speed there was no chance,” Nicolle said.

He crashed the car into the roundabout and — miraculously — walked from the fiery wreck unscathed.

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