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Why Stand with Israel?
On October 7th there was a deadly attack that took place in Israel, and continues to escalate to multi-fronts in Israel and throughout the region. Now we are seeing all over the news of the people in this country standing with the Palestinians. There are protest on college campuses, there are people marching in the streets, as well as people blocking road way, and other types of protest. This region has been dominated with strife and violence since the days of Abraham. For Israel, the nightmare most Jews live with each day is they are staring down the barrel of a gun, no matter which direction they turn. Why, then, should believers be so concerned over such a tiny speck of land? What does it matter to America what happens in Israel, or the Gaza strip? “What does it really matter?” Isn’t the question that we should be asking though. The right question to ask is, “ What does the Bible say about standing with Israel?”
Why Standing with Israel Matters So Much.
As Christians, we know who will return to reign physically over this global focal point. Remember, the Lord first selected a people. He began by selecting a man named Abraham. The Lord said that through Abraham’s seed (in relationship with his wife, Sarah, giving birth to the promised child, Isaac), all the nations would be blessed. Through this people, every human being would have access to the divine blessing of Almighty God (Genesis 12:3). Scripture declares there will come a time when all the nations of the world will turn against Israel (Zech. 12:1-14). Ongoing developments in the Middle East demonstrate the present moment and make it highly conceivable that this could happen in our time. What the Bible says about standing with Israel is not always simple. God doesn’t say, “Just do what’s easy and popular” He tells us that we must be obedient to Him. Our calling is to stand with Israel today because we could be people of the last hour! The Lord has called us to be people with moral and biblical conviction, walking wisely and knowing His Word. He honors those who make an abiding commitment to stand with the land He calls uniquely His. As believers we need to pray for peace in the middle east, and we do that by standing with God’s chosen people, Israel!
God protect Israel,
Pastor David
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