Luke 5.1-11

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Luke 5:1-11
Welcome! Study in the gospel of Luke (11th sermon)(chapter 5 already!)
Today we see Jesus calling his first four disciples (Peter, Andrew, James, John)
What does it look like to be a follower/Disciple of Jesus? (Not how does one become… but what does it look like to follow)
Read Luke 5:1-3- Sea of Galilee (Lake Gennesaret, others call it Sea of Galilee)
Jesus has become very popular… crowds press in on Him wherever He goes/Gets into Simons's boat and pushes out
(1) Submission to God’s Word- Read Luke 5:4- Weird request…. (Toiled all night, caught nothing)
Jesus is not a fisherman… Peter and his friends are skilled fishermen (Professional fishing guides)
Mechanic (Better way)/Accountant (more deductions)/Professional b-ball player (squaring)
Simon agreesRead Luke 5:5a- We toiled all night and caught nothing…” (no sleep/washing nets/tired/stinky)
BUT… Read Luke 5:5- But if you say so… I’ll do it!
This makes no sense/Huge sacrifice (Physical work and reputation)
BUT… You said so… so I’ll do it. (Peter had heard enough and seen enough (MIL))
Followers of Christ are in submission God’s Word… even when it makes to sense to them
Placing Scripture above us or below us… (Trust in your sov./Love my enemies/indulging tempt)
Look what happens- Read Luke 5:6-7- Biggest catch of their lives… Nets breaking/boats sinking
Even the fish obey him (Demons/sickness)
(2) Trust in God’s Character- Read Luke 5:8-10a- What an odd response (Take a picture/Get both boats and Jesus in here)
“If he sees where the fish are… THEN he sees me perfectly…” (The holiness of Jesus)
Normal response in Scripture to encountering God- Isaiah/Job/John
Standing next to a really attractive person/really tall person (Heels)/really smart person (exposes us)
Peter’s response is correct… but it’s incomplete (Look a couple of years ahead… almost identical situation)
Jesus has risen/Peter and a few disc are fishing/They’ve caught nothing- Read John 21:4-6- Sound familiar?
THE NEXT PART IS VERY DIFFERENT THOUGH (“Get away from me”)- Read John 21:7-8
Drastic difference: “GET AWAY” VS Jumped into the water and swam to Jesus (100 yards)
Note: Peter had just denied Jesus 3 times… lowest point in his life…
Why the difference? Peter trusts in the character of Jesus after spending a few years with him
Witnessed Jesus dying for his sinsNow he knows… He not just sinful/Jesus has paid and loves him
God’s holiness = Get away!/Gospel= Come near! (Followers of Christ know this!)
Rel= I messed up, my dad is gonna kill me/ Gospel=… I need to call my dad.
(3) Commitment to God’s Mission- Read Luke 5:10b- Fish to illustrate their mission
You’ll be catching men and women from now on… (Proclaiming good news to all)
Hopefully, they have time… they’re pretty busy (fishing, HOA, kids activities…)
So convinced are they of this gospel… THEY GIVE THEIR LIVES TO IT (Not just good news for them… the world)
As you probably know… We are called into this mission too- Read Matthew 28:18-20
Great Commission Stats- Read from sheet
Making disciples everywhere… BUT particularly among those who are unreached (Like the apostles!)
Read Revelation 5:9- Every tribe, language, people, nation…//3.2 Billion unreached (over 40%)
So few Christians in these areas (5%/2%)No Bible in their languageNo access to hearing the gospel
RC’s global missions are exclusively focused on unreached ppl groups (2 in particular)(Maninka/Northern Kurds)
We can boldly and confidently embark on these efforts because God saves
How were those fish caught? By God’s Word and God’s power (Nets were just a tool)
Lent starts this Wednesday… We want to invite you to join us this Lent in praying and fasting for this purpose (INVITE MATT)
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