Luke 6.43-49

Luke 6:43-49
Good morning! New? Back in Luke this morning… Tomb is still empty!
Jesus has been healing many/Called his 12/taught about love in contrast with rel. leaders
** Many people were “followers” of Jesus (lit. walking with, listening to, and witnessing miracles)
Jesus should be thrilled, right?… Read Luke 6:46- “Lord, Lord”= Enthusiastic (You are the Master/Teacher)
But, if so… why don’t you obey me?
Miracles, signs, power, entertainmentselfish desires… (Not interested in teaching or changing anything)
Large church/Theologically-minded/cool/celebrity pastor/church fell/ppl went to other cool places
Jesus is contrasting two types of people- Read Luke 6:47- Come to Him, Hear His words, Obeys them
These are really the basics of Christian discipleshipCome to Jesus, Hear his word, and obey
(1) Primary wayRead Scripture/Pray/Gather with the body, and obey
Some don’t like this… Church… The church is the bride of Christ (some want Jesus without His bride)
Gather for prayer, hear word preached, serve, community, application
If you call RC your church and don’t really come (GO SOMEWHERE ELSE…)
(2) Some come and don’t really listen… (Flight attendant before flight)(head phones… yeah whatever)(Routine)
(3) Some come and really listen… and have no interest in obeying… no heart change…
Our lack of interest in obedience/life change might something very important about our faith
Read Luke 6:43-45- One of those passages we like to avoid… too scary… (This is why we preach thru whole books)
Jesus says our fruit… our lives… our actions… our speech… reflect what’s happened on the inside
Know nothing about fruit trees/Home Depot- Lemon tree (tag)… it grows oranges… 2 options (tag or fruit is right)
Either the tag was misleading or its an impossibly unique tree… (If it grew oranges… we’d call it an…???)
Jesus says “each tree is known by its fruit”
Those who claim to be Christians and don’t obey God’s word are walking/talking contradictions (Lord= Master, King, Sov.)
Matthew adds more of what Jesus said here…. Read Matthew 7:21-23- Not all who Profess faith… Possess
OK…You may be thinking: This sounds like our obedience is a requirement for our salvation… NO!
(1) Justification is by faith alone- Protestant Reformation (RCC- Not faith mixed with works)
Read Romans 5:1 & Ephesians 2:8-9- Our righteousness is an alien/foreign righteousness
Reformation= Saved by faith alone… BUT ALSO REFORMATION= Read John Calvin quote
Works DO NOT contribute to justification, but are manifestations of your justification
(2) New Creations- We are given new hearts/We are new creations- Read 2 Corinthians 5:17
Filled with Spirit- Read John 14:15
(3) Not about perfect obedience- Paul in Romans 7- He doesn’t do what he wants to do/does what he doesn’t want
The life of fruit is one of conviction/confession/repentance (a changed heart leads to the acknowledgment of sin)
If perfect obedience was the sign… There are NO CHRISTIANS…
Some really struggle with passages like this… STOP EQUATING works to merit
Read Ephesians 2:8-10…. THIS ALL GOES TOGETHER… one leads to the other… prepared…
If the grace leads you to downplay obedience… You’ve overreacted to RomeRead Theses #1
If you are feeling convicted about your sin now… guess what that is probably a sign of…???
For those whom this passage gives discomfort are the ones who should be comforted…
Warning… don’t start stapling plastic lemons to the orange treeJohn 15- Vine and branches (cannot)
Behavioral modification isn’t itTrust in JesusLordDeath and resurrectionSpirit will change you…
Obedience isn’t just a manifestationIt’s the way you were created to live!!! GOOD FOR YOU! PRACTICALLY!
Read Luke 6:47-49- Illustration: Two houses: (1) Deep foundation/withstands the flood= Comes, Hears, Obeys
(2) No foundation/falls in the flood= Doesn’t do one or more of these (Come, hear, obey)
Life’s pressures/trials/temptations… THEY WILL FALL
God’s commands are NOT arbitrary… heavy-handed… BUT LOVING and FOR OUR GOOD.
Do you call yourself a Christian, but are uninterested in obedience? No repentance?- Heed the warning
Do you call yourself a Christian and feel the weight of your sin? Strive? Repent?- Know that you are secure
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