The King (2)

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King is Crowned

John 18:38-19:5.
Jesus is given up by His people to the merciless torturers, the Romans
They beat Him, whipped Him, and formed a crown of thorns that they jammed into His face, causing immense harm.
They even gave Him a purple robe, the kind that kings and royalty would wear, just to mock Him.
But we still see a King.
All of these symbols: the crown, the robe, they all point out something real. This is a King
Jesus may be beaten and bloody, but this is the holiest coronation.

The King is Condemned

Jesus is condemned to death by His people and the Romans.
He is shuffled from the Jews to Pilate and back and forth.
It feels like He has no choice in this. He is just a tool for the leaders to prove their power.
And yet, v. 11 shows that Jesus has been in control the whole time.
It doesn’t matter how they treat Jesus, who claims to be in power, or what these people think they’re doing.
Jesus is God. He’s in control.

The King is Crucified

Jesus carries His cross up to Golgotha and they crucify Him.
The Romans drove nails into His hands and feet. They hoisted Him up so that He would stand there unable to breath except for gasping breaths.
They even gamble for His clothing in front of Him as He’s dying!
Jesus is a beaten, broken shell of a man.
But Jesus is still King.
The sign above Jesus’ head shows that.
Pilate even points to it in vs. 22
“I’ve written what I’ve written!”
This King has given everything for His people, but He is still King.

The King is Dead

Jesus talks with Mary His mother, and He dies.
Typically, people would be left on a cross for days. They would slowly die from suffocation and their wounds.
But the pharisees have a meal to get to!
So, they ask to have everyone’s legs broken to finish the job, but Jesus was already dead.
Jesus had already finished the job.
He takes all of our sin and brokenness on Himself and becomes our sin and takes the wrath of the Father on Himself.
And in that moment He says that it is finished.
Reality is mended. Sin is beaten. The struggle since we first sinned is taken care of.
Jesus and Mary.
I also think we should see how loving Jesus is.
He cares for His mom as He’s dying.
He tells one of His disciples to take care of His mom.
This is so impressive because it was only after this that He knew He was done.
He didn’t have to do that to fulfill some prophecy, Jesus just cares for the people He loves even in death.

The King is Buried

Jesus is taken off the cross by some secret followers and is put in a tomb.
Even Nicodemus, a pharisee, came because of His love for Jesus.
And they lay Him in a tomb in a garden.
Jesus died for you.
You did nothing to earn this sacrifice, it was all because of God’s love, but Jesus loved you enough to go through all of that!
When we say He gave everything for you, we mean it!
And if you’ve been afraid to give yourself to Jesus or avoiding it, this is the time! Follow Him, love Him worship Him. He died for you, but He also beat death for you and rose to new life so that you and I can have a new life and eternity in Him,
What stuck out to you during this service about Jesus and His love for you?
What do you think God is communicating to you in the story of His death?
How can we pray for you?
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